Mrs Sue Hunt

Head Teacher - BSc (Hons) London, NPQH

Senior Leadership

Mrs Sue Hunt has worked at WGSG since 1985 and has enjoyed every aspect of her time at the school.  During this period she has worked across a number of departments and roles as Head of Maths, Exam Secretary, Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Head and now of course, Head Teacher.    As a young child from a working class background, Grammar School education provided opportunities for Mrs Hunt that were not available for others in her family, which made her passionate about offering those same opportunities to other young people, regardless of background.  Mrs Hunt is also totally committed to ensuring that Wilmington Grammar School for Girls not only enables students to achieve at the highest level but also continues to provide the very special caring environment for which it is known, equipping our students for their futures beyond education. Some of Mrs Hunt’s favourite memories have come from the annual school ski trips that she’s led.  For her, the joy of skiing down the slopes at La Polsa, with a line of excited students following behind, can never be fully explained in words.  Mrs Hunt feels a family ski trip will never be equal to skiing with a party of forty students!  Sadly, now whilst the students are away skiing she stays in the UK spending part of the week cycling instead.