Mr Richard Beaumont

Deputy Head Teacher - BSc (Hons) Sussex, MRSC

Senior Leadership

Mr Richard Beaumont has served as Deputy Head Teacher at WGSG since September 2017, having previously worked at six schools, including as an Assistant Head Teacher at Townley Grammar School (Curriculum, Timetable, Pastoral Care), as Head of Science, Chemistry and Specialism at Sutton Grammar School for Boys and at the City of London Freemen’s School in the Chemistry Department. Mr Beaumont’s role involves ensuring that standards are maintained in the school through the timely and effective use of student data, through ensuring that our Curriculum Offer remains both competitive and highly relevant to the needs of our students as they enter the world of work, training and further study and that the School Timetable delivers both of the above. Mr Beaumont thoroughly enjoys preparing students for interviews, specialising in ‘left field’ and highly challenging questions and scenarios so often used by the top Universities and the most competitive courses.  His teaching always centres on real-world contexts, ensuring that students know exactly why they are studying each chemical or scientific concept. Outside of work, Mr Beaumont enjoys family life with his wife and three children and his interests include contemporary military history, the interrelation between science and politics, and crime scene forensics. He comments ‘ there’s nothing better than relaxing with a good near-future-thriller or alternate-history thriller’.  His friends maintain that he has the most eclectic tastes in music they have ever known!