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Posted on: 22/09/2017

Year 10 art students are taking part in the The Royal Opera House’s prestigious annual Design Challenge competition to design the set or costumes for the opera Salome. The programme provides students with a real practical insight into opera and ballet, on the world-class Covent Garden stage and the creative processes behind performance. Students will visit the Royal Opera House production workshops in Purfleet to discover the wealth of careers involved in the production of an opera.  Below, a letter from the Staff Director of The Royal Opera.

Dear Students,

I hope you are enjoying designing for Salome so far and I’m sure you’re starting

to develop some interesting ideas from the different themes.

The close working relationship between the director and the designer is crucial to

the success of the production becoming a reality. The design of the set and the

costumes are very much the other main characteristic within the story. It is not

considered to be just a background feature to add decoration but a means of

making the story come completely alive. It provides a space that enables the

story to unfold. We must not forget that visual aids and props help us understand

our emotions in particular situations and changes. Therefore, the set and

costumes are the most important visual aids in opera as an art form. Everything

on stage should be there for a reason to help the story to be told and often less is

more. As a designer allowing your imagination to fly is a gift to the audience and

so certainly keeps them involved as the story unfolds.

I hope this helps you to bring one of my visions to life, and I’m looking forward to

seeing your designs.

Yours sincerely,


Julia Burbach, Staff Director of The Royal Opera


Year 9 start GCSE science course with confidence.

Students have started their GCSE Science courses this term. It is a very challenging course that includes developing some advance science skills which until recently, were not covered until A level.

In biology, students are studying microscopy and cells. This week they have been working on applying their microscopy skills and to investigate functions of specialised plant cells by observing mung bean root hair cells with a light microscope. Despite the technical difficulty of the task, the students approached it with confidence and were able to successfully extend their understanding of the topic. Well done ladies.



Year 10 Students mastered skills required to fillet, bone and remove scales in preparation for cooking.  Students prepared a wide range of fish and then floured, seasoned and pan fried their fillets.



The PFA have scheduled a special Disco, further information and ticket details are as below;


(the school will be closed the following day 6th)

The PFA has organised a School Disco for the students in years 7 & 8 and their friends on Thursday 5th October from 7.30pm to the school hall.

Admission will be by ticket only and priced at £5. Students are welcome to bring a friend from another school.  Tickets can be reserved via reception.  The full letter can be found on our website here

The deadline for tickets is 2nd October.

Year 8 Mandarin students were very excited to receive letters from their penfriends in our partner school in Shanghai

On Saturday 16th September students represented WGSG at the Kent Swimming Championship. The girls were fantastic and really supported each other throughout the day. They were up against some very strong teams, competing against club swimmers older than them. Our Junior team put up a brilliant effort, with Kanisha competing in her first official gala, extremely strong performances from Louise and Annabelle in Year 8 and Rosie in Year 7, who, for someone who has only just joined the school, integrated extremely well with the girls. The intermediate Year 9 team also did fantastically well, coming 11th in the freestyle with Dartford coming 10th and 10th in the Medley with Dartford coming 11th! Dartford had three Year 10s in their team so this was an outstanding performance from our girls. Well done to everyone involved. We are extremely proud of you all! We would also like to thank Mrs Beckley for being our team parent manager for the second time in the past two years. Without you, the girls would not have been able to take part.


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Best wishes,


Sue Hunt


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