Blog week ending 29th September

Posted on: 29/09/2017

Our Executive Headteacher, Mrs Lodge was delighted to accept an invitation from the Lord Knight of Weymouth to attend a reception at the House of Lords on Wednesday this week. This was to celebrate some of the outstanding Design, Engineer, Construct work that had been taking place in schools across the country last year. She is very much hoping that both Wilmington Grammar Schools will be showcasing their own work in the near future!

House of Lords

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Mrs Hollebon, a member of the SLT at the boy’s site who works across both sites as SENDCO;

I have been a Science teacher at WGSB for the last 19 years. For the last 17 years I have acted in the capacity as SENDCO in addition to my teaching role.  I have a deeply held belief that every student can reach their potential and overcome any barriers along the way. It is now my privilege to be working across both WGSB and WGSG and I am at WGSG for 2 days each week. Here I am working with the skilled staff in the Lodge (the new Pad) who continually track the progress of vulnerable students and the impact of the work they do with them, so that learning outcomes can be improved.

Year 13 Psychology students were tasked with creating a stall demonstrating different therapies for the treatment of Schizophrenia.  A most creative approach to the work, well done!


Year 12 Chemistry students were asked to find the change in mass when magnesium reacts with oxygen. They had to produce an empirical formula from their findings.


Year 8 Gumboot Dance Workshop  A large number of our Year 8 students enjoyed a special Gumboot Dance workshop with trainer Lucky, on Friday 22nd September. The girls had a tremendous amount of fun, learning about how Gumboot dancing came about and carried out some of the movements themselves. They put together a fantastic dance routine and were singing along with Lucky throughout. Some of the girls were fortunate enough to try their hand at some of the African drums that Lucky bought along with him. What a fantastic morning!