Blog week ending 3rd November

Posted on: 03/11/2017

Year 11 Geographers travelled to London Olympic Park in Stratford (and surrounding sites) to investigate the challenges of living in an inner city area. Students evaluated two neighbourhoods with hugely contrasting characteristics. Data was collected via building, environmental and crime evaluations plus questionnaires to local residents and workers. Students also challenged the idea that urban regeneration is always a good thing for local people.  Students are now writing up their findings as part of their preparation for their Geography exam.



PFA announcement.  We have secured a deal with Ashton Reeves of Bexley, a local estate agent to advertise our Christmas Market on their advertising boards outside houses. Please note, these are NOT ‘For Sale’ boards, purely advertising boards. This enables us to advertise our Christmas Market whilst also being paid £15 per board for doing so. All monies raised directly benefit the school and students, funding PFA activities and schemes.

All that is required is for parents, carers or grandparents to agree to have a board outside their home/property for the weeks running up to our Christmas market on Sunday, 26th November and the schools PFA will receive £15 for your help.

If you are able to help in this small way then please contact Jeremy on 01689 828960 to supply your name, address and phone number.

Year 9 students created a wonderful array of puff pastry products all made to their own design.  The lesson included a survey to ensure they were catering for the tastes and dietary requirements of their chosen audience.

Left, Phoebe of 9O with her pizza surprises & right, Gabrielle of 9H and her ham and cheese swirls


Left, Danielle of 9O with her chicken bakes & right, Emily of 9O with brocolli and cheese twists


Far right, Natacha of 9H and her ‘berrylicious’ creations

Year 7 Football.  Thursday 19th October was the first fixture for our Year 7 footballers and what an opening to the season it was! There was excellent play seen from all students that took part and it was fantastic to see such enthusiasm. WGSG2 showed true teamwork, especially with only 4 members of the team. They placed 6th out of 10, which was fantastic considering the opposition who were fielding full teams! WGSG 1 were the winners of the whole tournament and showed fantastic skill on the pitch, which was commented on by other schools! Well done girls!