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Posted on: 09/02/2018

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee winners.  Each heat involved students tackling a number of complicated words such as Paraphernalia and Pseudonym!  From left our winners are; Anthonia of 7O, Sam L of 10C, Tabitha of 8B, Victoria of 11O and Charlene of 9O

Pictured below, the year group heats.

This term Year 11’s Focus Morning was on the theme of ‘Developing Workplace Confidence- Barclays Life Skills’. Students attended sessions on Employability, Overcoming Workplace Challenges, Communication and Confidence.

A team of volunteers from Barclays delivered a session on ‘Workplace Confidence’ and were able to share real workplace experience as well as answering the girls’ questions. The key messages were that the girls can grow by overcoming challenges and that by treating challenges as opportunities they can overcome their fears.

Our new WG6 Student leaders staged an informal Q&A session to answer any questions from the lower school regarding life, and studies in WG6!

Year 13 Students have been learning about excretion and homeostasis.  It was an opportunity to get hands-on and look at the structure of the kidney from a microscopic perspective as well as a practical dissection.

11H held a charity sale event in aid of All Smiles, a charity involved in helping children born with cleft palates. Students raised £32 for this worthwhile cause. 

Year 12 students were fascinated by the gaseous exchange system of a fish.  This included looking at the structure of the gills and how they are specialised for their function.

Y7 Food Tech students made wonderfully colourful and varied pasta salad pots.  Each was individually designed to their taste and nutritional requirements.  They all looked rather delicious!

The student representatives for online safety delivered an assembly in support of Safer Internet Day.  They delivered a most informative presentation reinforcing student safety messages and alerting students to potential pitfalls and guidance concerning social media usage.

From left, Desiree Victoria, Laura, Tunmida and Charlotte


Our Year 7 students are now firmly stuck in to their four-week sponsored reading challenge to raise funds for children with cancer. Readathon partners with leading children’s charities to provide books and storytellers for children hospitalised while undergoing treatment.

The girls have been tasked with reading as many books as they can between 1st February and 1st March, choosing from suggested titles that will help to stretch and challenge them as readers. There will be prizes for our best readers and fundraisers, and to top it all off the school will also receive free books for the library – the more we raise, the more we get back as a school.

Donations can be made through Parent Pay until Friday 2nd March.

Image result for read for good

As part of the Y8 Enterprise Project students undertook commissions to raise funds for printing equipment for the Art Department, to date they have raised £250 – Very well done!  It’s not too late to contribute to the fund!

Our Premises Assistant Mr Miller, took this amazing photograph of the supermoon or Wolf Moon from a school building just as it was rising.   A supermoon looks around 7% bigger than an average full moon.  What am amazing view, and photograph! 

We would like to wish a safe journey and ‘bon voyage’ to all our WG6 students travelling to Thailand (who had an incredibly early start on Thursday!) and to all those student setting off for the ski trip in Italy today!

Pictured, the WG6 Thailand group as they embark on their trip.

Best wishes,

Sue Hunt

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