Blog week ending 23rd February

Posted on: 23/02/2018

The Enterprise Project market attracted huge crowds of enthusiastic fellow students and staff.  The scheme challenged teams to research, create, budget and market their own unique products.  There was a huge range of product on offer, demonstrating true entrepreneurial skills!  The finances of the project are being finalised and will be announced in next week’s blog


Congratulations to the Wilmington Grammar Y9 students who took part in the Computer Science Challenge 2018 Final. WGSG took first place & WGSB came third. A brilliant result!

Our winning WGSG team is pictured below and is; Beatrice S, Tanzim A, Charlotte H, Angelina J, Katie M and Rhianna K.

Ciao!  We went skiing in Italy and it was lots of fun. When we started skiing, everyone fell over and we all found it very funny!  We all learnt how to parallel ski and how to snow plough. Our instructor’s names were Roger, Antonello, Camilla and Valter.

Some of us skied on the mountain from day two as we were good skiers, the rest of us had to wait a bit longer, but managed it in the end and even went on a red slope! La Polsa had beautiful surroundings, it was in the mountains with lots of snow. We had pasta and tomato sauce as a starter, and for our main, we had ham and cheese!  We made friends with some Italian boys; their names were Samuelle, Franciso, Bournoi, Joe and Nathan, who were nice. We visited a pizza restaurant for night out, when we walked in we saw stuffed animals, it was so cool! The pizza tasted different to our pizza at home but it was delicious!  On Valentine’s Day, we played a game where we had to make a wedding dress out of toilet roll and anything white we had in our room. On the way home, we all fell asleep on the ferry whilst watching Captain Underpants, surprisingly, it was very comfortable!

Thank you to our instructors and teachers: Mrs Iles, Mrs Leamon, Miss Wallace, Mrs Dent, Miss Smith, and our amazing, awesome form tutor Miss Redsell for a great week and working hard to make it good!

By Zara, Beth, Leona, Ashleigh, Lucy, Damisi, Thalia, Eve, Caitlin, Esme & Emma 8B & Tolu 8A