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Posted on: 16/03/2018

In conjunction with British Science Week, the science department have developed a range of specially created practical lessons as part of a CSI Investigation ‘Who killed Mr Barnes’!  Y7 & 8 students have a range of lessons to investigate and test forensic evidence with a view to identifying the perpetrator of the crime.

One such experiment that the Y7’s conducted was to identify the ‘poison’ used from a range of samples taken from the suspect’s homes.  Using universal indicator and PH paper students learnt how to understand and identify the PH using the PH scale.


Whose Fingerprint?  Another CSI Wilmington Investigation!  Students learnt how to take and identify fingerprints distinguishing between the range of fingerprint patterns (such as plain arch, whorl and double loop!)  They then endeavoured to identify fingerprints which were found at the scene of the ‘crime’.


Y8 Students conducted a CSI Wilmington : Blood spatter analysis.  They watched a CSI Canada video observing forensic scientists attending various crime screnes to understand how the scenes are handled and how to take speciments and samples.  They then spent time in a computer suite planning their own investigation before conducting their own experiment in a practical lesson.  Students investigated the relationship between the diameter of the blood splash and the height from which the droplet fell.


British Science Association’s annual poster competition is on the theme of exploration and discovery.  Ms Richardson will submit a selection of posters for their consideration

Elizabeth L of 7A

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Any Y11 students interested in pursuing a career in science should consider the below wonderful opportunity to explore further education and careers within the scientific field at Cambridge University.  Further details can be found here.

On Wednesday afternoon, 75 upper school English and Drama students visited the Orchard theatre to see Jekyll and Hyde. It was dark and mysterious accentuated by the dim lit stage with lanterns, match light and a burning letter at one point but whereas the Victorian version is an all men affair, the modern playwright included women helping to solve the mystery of who was Jekyll and who was Hyde and I'm glad to say they were sassy, feisty women still looking elegant in their silk long dresses and bustle skirts. Good fun was had by all and the girls behaved impeccably in the formal theatre setting

Ms Wakeling

Kent Schools Trampolining 2018, North Kent Qualifier Results.  We are extremely proud of our students who competed in the Trampolining competition last week. The girls have prepared for this competition for some time with their clubs and they did a great job on the day. We are pleased to say Eloise H has made it to the finals - well done!

Year 7/8 Girls Intermediate:

  • 13th Isabelle V
  • 24th Alexandra F

26 competitors on the day

Year 9/10 Girls Intermediate

  • 10th Livia T

22 competitors on the day

Year 9/10 Girls Advanced

  • 1st Eloise H = FINALS!

6 competitors on the day

Y9 Art students took part in a cultural upcycling project using everyday discarded objects to create beautiful and often functional artistic pieces.  A display has been arranged in our foyer for the school and its visitors to enjoy.



Congratulations to the below winners of our PFA 100 Club.  The 100 Club Winnings can be collected from reception.  For details on how to join the scheme please refer to our PFA page on the website here

January - 1st Prize: Mr J Gristwood £30,  2nd prize: Karen Smith £15

February - 1st prize: Sherina Tennett £30,  2nd prize: Mr D Retour £15

March - 1st prize: K Jenner £30,  2nd prize M. Collinson £15

Tickets are still available for the PFA Easter Disco on Friday 23rd March.  Tickets are £5.  A letter with further information can be viewed under ‘Correspondence’ on our website here


The PFA is organising a Ladies’ Pamper & Shopping Evening at WGSG School Hall on Friday, the 18th May from 6.30pm to 10.00pm, and are asking if any parents, carers, relatives or friends would be interested in taking a stall for the evening.

To make the evening a success, we would like to offer a wide variety of treatments such as manicures, pedicures and nail painting, henna tattoos, eyebrow waxing, threading, facials, various massage treatments, spray tanning, etc. We would also welcome stalls selling makeup, jewellery, hair accessories, spa gift sets, etc.

If you are able provide any of these products and services, or know anyone who does, we hope we can interest you in hiring a stall for the night. Booking forms can be found here

Obviously, you are also more than welcome to come along for some pampering!


Best wishes

Sue Hunt

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