Blog week ending 18th May

Posted on: 18/05/2018

The English Department held a Year 8 Flash Fiction competition where they wrote a 150 word story in response to a Science fiction stimuli such as:  

After seeing a bright light shooting through the sky, I found an alien in my garden shed. Two girls from each class were nominated as judges and these girls were entrusted to choose the three most exciting stories. The girls were all respectful of the judges’ decisions and prizes were awarded. We had some great entries which are now on display in M7. My favourite sentences were:

“Boiling, scorching, deadly heat engulfs our planet like a blanket” by Isabelle R.

“The world had changed: the once green planet is now a flaming dystopia” Anonymous

“We raced to turn the taps as fast as our fumbling fingers would allow and then we heard pandemonium as an alien was sucked down the drain!” Preanka M

Pictured, Judges on left are Ruslana and Poornasri. Winners on right are Jessica, Katie, and Florence. All from 8V

On Wednesday, a celebration lunch was held to congratulate the 19 Year 12 students who worked incredibly hard and achieved their target grades or higher in all of their pre-public examinations.  The following students enjoyed some sandwiches, cakes and commendation from the sixth form leadership team:

From WGSB:

Semiat A 12J

Kaprina B 12J

James B 12F

Adam C 12F

Michael C 12H

Ben H 12G

Ross H 12I

Dylan J 12J

Chukwude M 12I

Elliot P 12

Danny S 12G

Stanley S 12I

From WGSG:

Lucy C 12A

Stephanie H 12E

Emmanuella O 12D

Emmanuel S 12C

Abigail S 12C

Alexandra S 12D

Sean W 12D

A huge congratulations to all of these students!

Miss Jess Smith, Head of Year 12

Our Year 7 Eco-Warriors have made an incredible start to their ‘Great Plastic Pick Up Challenge’  They collected rubbish from the school site and surrounding areas and were amazed at just how much discarded plastic they found.  The form who collected the most on Friday were 7C – Congratulations.  The Eco-Warriors continued their ‘pick up’ programme over the weekend.  Well done to all involved.



Year 7 Tri-Golf Intrahouse Competition.  On Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th May, Year 7 took part in a new, intrahouse competition; Tri-Golf! It was great fun, with the students testing out their skills in driving and putting the ball. They had to watch out for the ‘water’ and ‘bunkers’, so it was good to see each team helping one another by giving tips about how to tackle the varying holes. Well done to all those that help set up the courses and to those that took part #intraschoolsport #schoolgames














Year 8 participated in a Focus Morning on the theme of ‘Politics’. Throughout the interactive sessions, students worked independently and in teams to learn, debate and discuss various aspects of Parliamentary procedure and law making. These sessions will help equip them to become active citizens and take an interest in political issues.

Please note that the Year 11 Prom payment deadline has been extended to 21st May and can be paid via ParentPay.

It was a moving and yet exciting time for our Y11 students as they dressed up to mark the last day of normal timetabled lessons before their exams start. There were plenty of smiles, laughter and tears as they reminisced about their early years at WGSG and shared lots of happy memories in a celebratory assembly.

Good luck with your exams girls! 

Mr Lennon