Blog week ending 25th May

Posted on: 25/05/2018

One of our Year 7s, Zoe R of 7H, had the amazing opportunity to visit the House of Commons last week. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I hope it can raise some interesting conversations amongst your peers and teachers. Miss Appleby

On Thursday 17th of May 2018, I attended the House of Commons for the Children’s Forum (which is the first event that they have hosted for children). I had the opportunity to ask questions about current issues in society. The topics that were discussed by Iain Duncan Smith, Andy Cook, Kelly Woodhurst and other MP’s were Brexit, Education and Youth Violence.

When the subject of Education was raised, I asked Iain Duncan Smith the following question ‘With the extension of Grammar Schools, do you think this will reduce the quality of entrance assessment?’ The answer I received is that this change will be minor and have little impact on the 11+ exams. During the discussion, many parents and children raised concerns that there should be more grammar schools in South East London. This is because many children have to travel far to go to school and also this enables children from disadvantaged backgrounds to have access to quality education. Many of the current grammar schools are located outside London in areas such as Bexleyheath, Dartford, and Wilmington which is inconvenient for many. Furthermore, Iain Duncan Smith mentioned that the government are working on raising the quality of education in comprehensive schools and that they should start preparing children from primary school to sit 11 + exams. We also spoke about Youth Violence and that children are picking violence from violent movies and games and some parents allow their child to watch violent films that are not for their age and that’s how young people get exposed to such things.

For the Question of how Children’s views can be better represented in Parliament I think the youth can be better represented by having close contact with Parliament and having a representative in parliament and also having a voice to discuss issues concerning the youth at large . It will be a welcome idea for the representative to meet quarterly with selected members representing the youth to discuss burning issues and how best to set up programmes to educate and deter youth violence in the community.


Ellie P of 13A has been offered a football scholarship in America, an amazing achievement! Ellie currently plays for Arsenal Ladies Reserves. The pictures shown are from one of Ellie’s Kent Football games back in 2011 to her penultimate game at the weekend for Arsenal against Millwall Lioness’ where one current WG6 student Lucy F and ex-student Poppy still play.

Mrs Harris has enjoyed following and watching the games over the past 7 years, but thinks the journey over to America may be a bit of a long commute! Good luck with the football and studies in America from everyone at WGSG.  Please do stay in touch.