Blog week ending 13th July

Posted on: 13/07/2018

Enrichment Week.  This is a week where the normal timetable is collapsed and students are offered a range of alternative learning experiences outside of the usual curriculum.  Students enjoyed a range of exciting and motivating learning sessions and activities designed to introduce new experiences, learning techniques and stimuli.

Each Year group had a specially created plan of activities;

Y7 Visited Colchester Zoo as part of a collaborative three day project between the Science, Art and Geography Departments.  The main focus of the Enrichment project was to explore how animals have adapted to different climates and habitats.

Pictured, Students creating ‘fantastical beasts’ and demonstrating what features relate to their environment



Pictured, students playing animal ‘who am I’


Below, One of the amazing animals seen at Colchester Zoo

Y8 Japan – ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ Students went on a journey through key aspects of Japanese culture and language.  As well as learning Japanese drumming on Taiko drums students explored language, geography and cultural skills of this fascinating country.

Pictured below, our students were extremely lucky to work with an instuctor who is a regular performer on the international stage.






Y9 Events centred on charitable causes and ‘young activism’.  These are two areas of life in which we fully encourage our students to develop a range of skills that will ultimately help prepare them for life as Leaders and Influencers in the modern world.

External speakers delivered talks about local charities, spotlighting local issues of local people and included Ellenor and Porchlight.  Students then created a presentation and campaign of their own for a chosen charity.  The presentations were passionate, moving and extremely well-researched and written. 

Pictured below, the group chose Rape Crisis as their charity and created the slogan ‘Sexual Assault – It’s not your fault" for their campaign.

Pictured below, Campaign for equal rights in sport “If he can – she can!”

Porchlight speaker – Porchlight work to tackle homelessness across Kent and Croyden.

Y10 were exposed to a range of speakers and activities offering advice and inspiration for the next stage of their career, including university representatives from The University of Kent, University of Surrey, the National Citizens Challenge and the British Army.  Students also took a taster Sociology class, Psychology class and a Business Studies class – all potential A level options when they join WG6.

Pictured, Speakers from The University of Kent & University of Surrey with Y10 students.

Below, Problem solving and team building exercise.