Week ending 12th October

Posted on: 12/10/2018

The School Council meet at least once a term to discuss and agree key issues concerning school life.  The Council is comprised of four committees each with repsonsibility for a specific area, and are supported by Mr Lennon.  Student are currently discussing potential areas of investment which, once agreed and prioritised they will present to the staff senior leadership team for approval and funding.  The Committees are as below;

Environment and Community.  Favor O Y10,  Mia T, Charlotte P both of Y11 and Max H of Y13

Relationships & Communication  Ellie-May D of Y13, Sheryl A Y10, Gracie W Y8 and Christabel O

Charity. Zahra K Y11, Sandra T, Imogen H Y8, Joy O Y7, Favour O Y9, Semilore S Y12, and Eleanor M Y13.


Oyin A Y13,  Ruth A Y8, Belina O Y10, Sophia O Y7, Evangeline A, Lydiee E Y9, Shannon O Y12 and Chloe J Y9

Teaching & Learning. Mollie Anne S Y8, Charlene A Y10, Aycicek S Y11, Temi A Y12, Keeley L Y7, Ini A Y12, and Ellie S Y9