Blog week ending 16th November

Posted on: 16/11/2018

Year 7 History students travelled to Mountfitchet Castle in Essex, which is the only wooden Norman Motte and Bailey reconstruction on its original site anywhere in the world.  Students were able to explore the Castle and houses within the Norman village and gained a unique insight into community life in Domesday England.  It was a most enjoyable and beneficial trip in support of their classroom studies.  The students were fantastic throughout and we received the wonderful email below from a member of the public;

“I was visiting Mountfitchet Castle this morning at the same time as a group from your school and I just wanted to write to let you know how impressed I was with your students and staff. The girls were unfailingly polite, well behaved and engaged. They were kind to my toddlers and were thoughtful and caring in their interactions with members of the public. The school should be proud of them. Thank you”


Drama GCSE showcase.  Year 11 students ably performed their examination plays for parents in the Drama Studio. The Students were given three stimuli: a song, a poem and a story around tragic disasters and devised drama in response. Tragedy is the raw material of Drama but the students told these stories in a stylized way with poetry, physical drama, dance, choral speaking and monologues which hopefully entertained our audience.

The plays were:

  • Grief: an exploration of the repercussions that follow a family tragedy including inventing an imaginary sister.
  • Aberfan disaster: a psychic daughter sees the tragedy with coal waste falling on the village before it happens.
  • The Trial: The Hillsborough disaster is examined from many perspectives as we hear the characters internal thoughts aloud.
  • I don’t like Mondays: an exploration into why young people who suffer extreme stress could find that their behaviour spirals out of control.
  • Hillsborough remembered: using physical theatre and monologue presentations, the sadness of this tragedy is unveiled. 

All Year 11 girls must be praised for working in a focused way during lessons, lunchtimes and after school to create intense dramatic presentations to be proud of.

Year 9 Physics students undertook a required practical lesson to determine the absorption and emission of infrared radiation. During the lesson students carried out an investigation to find out whether infrared radiation is emitted at different rates by a hot shiny object and a hot matt black object.

Year 13 Design Engineer Construct Industry Visits.  Students were visited by two structural engineers from Walsh, as well as some CAD engineers from Whitecode to view their construction projects. The students presented their projects to the experts and received expert feedback as to how they can improve their building design as well as make their projects more structurally sound. This was a fantastic learning experience for the students and they now have to add in both the buildings structure and services such as water and drainage.

The students also had the opportunity to use a thermal imaging camera which Whitecode brought with them so they understood where heat is lost and retained in a building. The students had some fun measuring each other’s body temperatures to see who the warmest student was!