Blog week ending 23rd November

Posted on: 23/11/2018

The Y11 DEC students have been working on their building designs since Y10.  This week they presented those designs, the process and the considerations leading to their final plans.  The panel hearing and assessing the students’ presentations was made up of Laing O’Rouke personal.  Thank you to Jim Dunster, Adel Harden, Lorraine Hart, Joanna Vezey, Sylvia Smith, Ian Reggione, Martin Staehr and Karl O’Mahoney.  The team remarked on how accomplished and professional the students’ presentations were.  Well done!

Y10 Chemistry students have been studying the reactivity series and in this practical lesson conducted an experiment where they extracted copper from copper oxide by reaction with carbon.



Tuesday 20th November we took a Year 7 and a Year 8 Netball team down to Cobham Hall for a fixture. Both teams represented the school in a beautiful manner and really made us proud. Being our Year 7’s first fixture for WGSG, the girls were naturally nervous but Cobham made us feel very welcome and helped the girls when needed. The team improved with each quarter, resulting in them winning the last quarter; an excellent learning curve. The Year 8’s had a fantastic game with lots of challenges and a perfect match for competition. Our results are reflective of how hard we worked on court and our improvements for the next game will be practised in training next week. 

U12 Team : Amy Willis, Sophia O, Rubie B, Isabella D, Hiba C, Newisreal N, Jessica S and reserve Rachel M

U13 Team : Sophia B, Charlotte G, Eve B, Gabby B, Elena D, Jasmine F-H, Ruth C and reserve Libby H


Year 8’s Won 22-18     POM Sophia B

Year 7’s Lost 15-6        POM Sophia O

Well done ladies! 

The girls were invited back, along with our Year 9’s and 10’s for netball matches and swimming galas.  Mrs J Gower