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Posted on: 25/01/2019

Year 7 students had an introductory lesson as they start studying the major organ systems and how they work together.  Miss Rolf delivered a very hands-on discussion with students, ensuring they could identify each organ and describe its basic function.

Holocaust Memorial Day. Jamie B, Abbie S, Rebecca S and Sophie W delivered a series of most thought-provoking assembly following their visit to Auschwitz, Poland. This was part of the Lessons from Auschwitz project run by the Holocaust Educational Trust, which subsidises post-16 students to listen to a Holocaust survivor and also make the trip to the infamous extermination camp. The girls were greatly moved by their visit and wrote a thoughtful presentation to share some of their knowledge and convey a sense of lessons learnt.  They recounted stories of real victims and perpetrators from the camps to tell the story of the horrors endured by the prisoners and the terrifying cruelty of the Nazi officers. One of the main themes of the assembly was that the perpetrators were ordinary people who committed heinous atrocities, and for everyone at all points in their lives to stand up against evil and do what they feel is right.

On Tuesday this week we took two new netball teams to play at DSTC. It’s our second fixture with them so we decided to play the girls who hadn’t had a chance to play previously. We had a Year 7 team and a Year 8 team who both faced DSTC’s Year 8’s. They played superbly, showing control, fluency and excellent spacing. We dominated play and secured two wins. The year 7 team performed especially well as it was the girls’ first fixture representing WGSG. Despite the cold they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Results were as follows:

Year 7’s Won 6-3– Player of the match Tahlia  

Year 8’s Won 4-1 – Player of the match Sophia B

Mrs Gower

Congratulations to our Year 7 students who represented Dartford and Gravesham District on Saturday January 19th in the Kent Schools Cross Country Championships. This took place at The Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover in icy cold conditions. The students competing were:- Tulsi B (7O), Georgiana H (7H), Lucy M (7C) and Genevieve N (7O).

Years 7 & 8 had Focus Mornings this week, Y8’s topic ‘Relationships’ and Y7’s ‘Identity’.  The Identity learning for life session prompted students to evaluate their own identity in terms of what makes them unique and what they have in common with their peers.  They explored what it means to them to be British and then in teams to present ideas that could bring a positive change to their local community to promote community cohesion.

The WG6 Media Studies group are developing their coursework.  Students chose from a range of briefs specified by AQA.  These included creating a music video, a radio podcast, a movie trailer or print work including newspapers or magazines.  Additionally, each student is required to create a bespoke website to demonstrate awareness of media codes and conventions and to develop proficiency with a range of media production software.  Mr Robinson is pictured below giving feedback on students’ recent PPE examinations.

The PFA quiz night is the 9th February, come along and join in what will undoubtedly be an enjoyable evening.

Lunar eclipses are a rare astronomical event when the Moon passes into the Earth’s shadow and turns red.  Mr Simmons, Head of Geography and Y12 was keen to witness the event but it was cloudy in Dartford.  He left his house at 4.30am, drove to Gravesend where he found a gorgeous clear sky and the bizarre feint reddish moon hanging in ghostly fashion in the sky.  A press photographer was there at the same time and was kind enough to lend Mr Simmons a lens and tripod necessary to take this photograph.

In the event of adverse weather conditions parents will be notified in advance via our website, twitter or via email of any changes to timetable or in extreme circumstances school closure.  In addition, parents can log onto KCC school closures for updates here

Naturally, we will make every effort to ensure that the school remains open.

Best wishes,

Sue Hunt

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