Blog week ending 1st February

Posted on: 01/02/2019

WG6 Biology A level students spent a practical lesson observing and drawing blood cells within blood smears.  Students took a sample of their own blood, prepared the sample then using microscopes identified the different cells found.  Diagrams were drawn and labelled to record evidence of their findings.


Our newest society, The Veterinary Society meets every Wednesday lunchtime in F9 and is run by three dedicated WG6 students.  They are inviting members form Year 10 and above.  The society allows students a greater insight into the profession together with advice and support on further education from visiting speakers.

Year 9’s and 10’s have been doing two fitness units in PE this and last term. We have been looking at Aerobics and Circuit Training and the impact they both have on our physical fitness. We are learning how to use our heart rate as a monitor for how hard we are working during activity as well as an indicator of how fit we are now. The girls are measuring resting heart and recovery rate to measure the changes over the 8 lesson period.

The girls have committed to the two programmes and have really progressed over the last few weeks. Well done ladies.

Mrs J Gower

Year 9 Art students have been creating prints using drypoint etching method.  Using a scribe, students engraved their chosen image onto an acetate plate before inking the plate and then passing them through a printing press to transfer their image onto art paper.