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Posted on: 03/05/2019

Year 8 students have taken part in the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Junior Challenge.  The Mathematical Challenges aim to stimulate mathematical problem solving.  The UKMT Individual Challenges are lively, intriguing multiple choice question papers, which are designed to stimulate interest in mathematics and aid problem solving.  Results will be available later this term.

A sample question students tackled is as below (answer at the bottom of the blog!)

  1. On Aoife’s 16th Birthday, Buster was three times her age.  On Aoife’s 21st birthday, how old was Buster?

     a) 32        b) 48    c) 53    d)  63   e)  64


Y10 triple Biology students have been getting practical and dissecting sheep eyes to look at the structures inside.  This allowed the students an opportunity to really understand how the eye works and look at how the lens magnifies images.  The students found this fascinating and it has helped with their understanding of the topics being taught.


The Inspiring Future WG6 Conference was an informative and thought-provoking event which provided students with support and inspiration as they consider their future paths. 

Maria McEvoy from Cambridge admission department offered invaluable advice on personal statements and the Oxbridge/Russell Group application and interview process.

Gareth Johnston MP spoke about his career and chaired a discussion on the current political climate.  He then talked about the importance of the personal statement and shared ideas on opportunities to embark upon which will help inform their USP – and make their application stand out.

We welcomed back ex-student Josh Bunce who is in his second year at Surrey, reading Economics - he talked about his Cambridge application and how he is challenging himself at university - applying to do an exchange to Australia University and his future placement in Home Office. The message was very much ‘seize every opportunity!’

Art Department.  The Y7 have been working on creating hybrid and mythical beasts as part of their Animals Project. They then designed their own beast and developed clay skills to create a 'bas relief' clay tile.

As part of their Portraits and Masks project, the Y8 have been looking at the work of the German/ Austrian sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt. They responded by taking some expressive photographs, which they then used to develop a clay head sculpture. 



Mrs Price, Exams Officer delivered an Y11 assembly to reiterate procedures and expectations for the coming public examinations.  Students have now all received their examination timetable detailing times and locations of each exam as well as candidate and location numbers.  If you have any further questions please do pop along and see Mrs Price or email on  


Young Minds are a leading charity raising awareness and providing support for children and young people’s mental health.  They have produced the below poster to aid wellbeing during revision and exams.


Our new catering arrangements are now in place! Serving a wide range of meals and snacks at breakfast, break and lunch.  All students have now been issued with their new multipurpose ID cards, which can be topped up via ParentPay for food purchases.  The default maximum spend per day is set at £7.50, however, if you would prefer a HIGHER, or LOWER amount than that for your daughter or son, then please contact the school kitchen on  A welcome letter and menus can be found on our website here


Kitchen 1

The annual Trevithicks Industrial Dartford Event is on Saturday 11th May.  The Steam Fair is an amazing event encompassing all aspects of Dartford’s engineering history.  There are a host of attractions including steam engines, vintage buses, WW2 military vehicles, classic cars, tractors with heavy horses, traditional fairground rides, food stalls and Wilmington Grammar School for Boys who will be running the education stand in one of the marquees.  Please do go along and visit them on our stand.


The final preparations are being made for the Y11 Prom on Saturday 29th June from 7pm.  The evening includes a ‘mocktail’ upon arrival, buffet, bottomless soft drinks, disco, photo booth and other surprises.  Tickets can be purchased here


Rubie L of Y10 has been playing for London Pulse Netball club this season.   They won all of their matches during the South Hub season and have become Hub champs. This is such an incredible achievement for Rubie and her team and we would like to congratulate them for their hard work and commitment with KCNC this year. Rubie and her KCNC team were also the International Junior winners for their age group at Disneyland Paris.

Rubie is pictured second from left bottom row


Gianna Du'Bell in 7B has been participating in the Winter ShowJumping Series held at Mount Mascal Stables each month from September 2018 through to this April 2019.

Gianna and her pony Molly topped the leader board at the end of the series, held last week, and became the 2019 Champion for her class – a wonderful achievement, well done Gianna!


I hope you have a relaxing bank holiday weekend.

Best wishes,

Sue Hunt

The Maths Challenge answer is c)  53


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