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Posted on: 07/06/2019

Year 8 sat the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge back in April. This featured an hour long, multiple choice paper where the students had to answer 25 questions of varying difficulty. 62 of our students managed to achieve award certificates with Apianka from Year 8 (pictured below) gaining the highest mark across all the students. Congratulations to all who attempted the tricky paper!

Here is a typical question:

A book has 256 pages with, on average, 33 lines on each page and 9 words on each line. Which of the following is the best approximation to the number of words in the book?

64 000             B) 72 000         C) 76 000         D) 80 000

Answer: C) 76 000


WG6 Student report.  On Tuesday, a group of Year 12 Psychology students visited Bethlem Museum of the Mind at Bethlem Royal Hospital in Beckenham.  Here, they got to attend two talks: one on the history of the hospital and mental health treatment; and another by Simon Darnley, a leading specialist in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  Both were very informative and intriguing.  There was also some time to explore the museum itself which holds pieces of art completed by mental health patients from the past and also artefacts that display how mental health disorders and their treatment have changed over the years.  We all found it fascinating and some are now looking into how to pursue a career in the field!

Bethlam 2


WG6 Chemistry Enrichment students are getting to grips with organic chemistry processes by refluxing oil of wintergreen to make 2- methylbenzoic acid, the first stage in the preparation of aspirin.    This will be used to make aspirin in the following weeks, before assessing the percentage yield and the purity using melting point determination and thin layer chromatography.  All WG6 Chemistry students are welcome to join the programme – please see Mrs Munden at the WGSG site for more information.


The Smallpiece Trust was founded to give young people the support they need to bring their big ideas to life through science, engineering and maths (STEM).  With the support of some of the UK’s top universities and organisations they give students the chance to step out of the classroom and into a university campus to build their skills with their courses.  In addition to providing specialist knowledge, the courses boost confidence, team building skills, problem solving and presenting.  They also add weight to a CV and UCAS applications.

Summer Courses include Biomedical engineering and Girls into Physics.  For more information and bookings please see their website here

Logo 1

Year 10 students were selected by their Religious Studies teacher to attend the London Dungeon and Imperial War Museum as a reward for their ongoing hard work, dedication and enthusiasm for our subject. As well as being a treat for the girls who have consistently met their target grades and shown great interest in the topics studied this year; the visit enhanced pupils’ knowledge and understanding of 18th century crime and punishment and ethical issues relating to war, crime and conflict (which are part of the two units recently studied as part of their GCSE).


Students and staff alike enjoyed a wonderful week of activities in France for the annual Watersports Trip.  Students travelled to Domaine de la Rive for a fun-packed schedule that included sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, volleyball and trips to nearby Dune de Pilat (which are the tallest sand dunes in Europe!)  Thankfully the weather was great providing the best possible setting to enjoy all of the experiences on offer.




Year 7 Food Tech students have made amazing cheesecakes!  This particular recipe required students to time-plan each stage and make their own recipe variations based on their own taste and preferences.  All looked absolutely delicious.


On Thursday 30th May, Donna Lodge CEO of Endeavour MAT and Gavin Barnett, Headteacher of Stone Lodge School were delighted to visit number 10 Downing Street to discuss their plans for our new school, Stone Lodge. The reception to celebrate the opening of free schools was hosted by the Prime Minister and attended by the Minister for Education and various other representatives from the Department for Education. Mrs Lodge and Mr Barnett pictured below, had a wonderful afternoon and commented “it was lovely to discuss our plans for Stone Lodge School with so many influential people. It is such an exciting time as we enter the count-down to our grand opening in September


Congratulations to the winners of the PFA Monthly Draw!

Lesley Ward - First Prize Winner of the June 2019 Monthly Draw

Mrs. Vander Elst - Second Prize Winner of the June 2019 Monthly Draw

Debbie Barham - Fist Prize of the July 2019 Monthly Draw

Andrea M'Grady - Second Prize of the July 2019 Monthly Draw 


Best wishes,

Sue Hunt





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