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Posted on: 04/10/2019

As we move rapidly through this first term, the pace of achievement and learning is speeding up.  It has been a fantastic week of achievements and celebrations for so many of our students.  This has been added to by our Harvest Celebrations, something that has been lost in many schools today, the students stopped, reflected, said thank you and then gave with heartfelt generosity to the local community.  In an age when young people are forever said to be inward looking and self-interested I feel privileged to work with students who deny the stereotype and strive constantly to make a difference. 

A huge congratulations to our WG6 students who were awarded Commendation Certificates from the London Institute for Banking and Finance.  Our students excelled in the examination, with 17 being presented with a special commendation – four of whom were in the top 1% in the country.  All students who achieved an A and A* received a scholarship towards studying a degree in finance at the LIBF.  Samantha Godden of the LIBF delivered an assembly to Y10-13 to present the certificates and talk about the breadth of career opportunities within the financial sector.  For more information please see their website here


Our GCSE Geographers played the trading game to simulate the global trade. Each group of students represented a country but had to determine whether they were a wealthy developed country or a low income developing country. They were given an envelope with an unequal amount of technology (stationary) money (Monopoly notes) and raw materials (A4 paper). They had to manufacture paper shapes in order to make money. There was some serious bartering and horse trading and the girls became extremely competitive! Our students are so amazing that one low income ‘country’ used their cunning business skills to develop into an advanced country – and all within one lesson! 



Year 11 GCSE Geographers travelled to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford to investigate the impacts of urban redevelopment on the area and in particular whether the benefits of redevelopment had been equally shared in two different neighbourhoods with very contrasting characteristics. It was a successful fieldtrip where they gathered plenty of data and evidence to write up their findings as they continue their GCSE studies.




Update from our Librarian.  Genre of the Week.  Each week the Library will be promoting a Genre of the Week - with a range titles recommended.  This week, to coincide with National Poetry Day we have selected the below, which includes novels written in verse as well as poetry books;

One – Sarah Crossan

Toffee – Sarah Crossan

Moonrise – Sarah Crossan

The Poet X – Elizabeth Acevedo

Rebound – Kwarme Alexander;

Long Way Down – Jason Reynolds;

Poems from the First World War – selected by Gaby Morgan; 

Scars Upon My Heart – selected by Catherine Reilly;

A Choice of Shakespeare’s Verse – selected by Ted Hughes

We love reading!  This term, Book Club is open to all students from Y9 and above and is held in the Library during lunchtime on a Tuesday.

The Club is reading an exciting mix of books selected by Mrs McKenna and Mrs Davey;

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder – Holly Jackson

Booked – Kwarme Alexander (written in verse)

On The Come Up – Angie Thomas

The Diabolic – S.J. Kincaid

With The Fire On High – Elizabeth Acevedo (2019 Carnegie Award winning author of The Poet X)

I wonder which one will be the Book Club’s favourite?

Thank you to all those who donated food items to our Harvest Festival collection, your generosity will benefit a large number of local families in need.  Alex, from St Michael’s Church in Wilmington led our Harvest Festival assembly, to give thanks, and to spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves.  All the donations collected will go to the Dartford Food Bank.


WG6 Chemistry students monitored the rate of reaction between iodine and propanone using the titrimetric method. The experiment and subsequent analysis to determine the order of reaction with respect to iodine contributed towards PAG 9 of the Practical Endorsement aspect of their course.


Y8 Expectations Evening.  Thank you to all parents and carers who attended the recent meeting, I trust you found the evening informative.  The presentation delivered on the night can be found on the website here

The PFA Y7 & 8 disco.  All party goers took to the dance floor for a great evening!  It was an especially lovely event to attend with students spending quality time with their peers and making lots of new friends.  A big thank you to our PFA for organising the evening and for our students, staff, parents and carers who came along  .. and showed off their moves on the dance floor!



An enjoyable Sunday was spent in trendy Hoxton at the invitation of Superdrug.  The school has developed a strong working relationship with Superdrug, who’s focus centres on empowering woman in the workplace.  Superdrug have provided meaningful work placement opportunities as well as providing valuable interview and presentation training sessions.

WG6 students were invited to attend a special press event which saw them mingling with celebrities as well as receiving free beauty treatments from leading brands.  There were masterclasses which the girls took part in, fun interactive games, a whirlwind ticket booth and lots of goodies.  A big thank you to Superdrug, it was an amazing experience!



Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson


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