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Posted on: 20/03/2020

G1I start this blog having said a very sad and brief farewell to our wonderful Year 11 and Year 13 students.  As I am sure you can imagine it was not easy to see our students leaving today with a huge level of uncertainty and without the wonderful celebration events that were being planned with their year teams.  We are absolutely determined, that as soon as we are able, we will have both year groups back to school to be able to celebrate all of their achievements and have a chance to properly say farewell.  They have been a complete credit to their parents and to us as a school and completely demonstrated the Wilmington Mindset taking time to thank staff for all their work and asking sensible questions about the next steps.  We have continued to remind them not to try not to worry and that we will do everything in our power to ensure that they are able to progress to the next stage of their education.  We know that for most of our wonderful Year 11 this is merely a pause before they return to us in the Sixth Form.

We will continue to send you updates over the coming weeks and it would be wonderful to be able to share what students are doing whilst they are not in school as I know that many will find creative ways to keep themselves learning and entertained in these uncertain times.  Do email in your successes and also news that we can share because the whole school community will appreciate this way of keeping our identity in our isolation.

Can I remind parents that work has been initially set for all students through the Remote Learning Link and that all of the staff will be uploading more work through TEAMs over the coming weeks and potentially longer.

I would like to acknowledge the amazing work that has been done by the staff to ensure that all of the work is ready for the students and for their commitment in continuing to come into work,despite underlying health issues for some .  The sense of community and determination to keep things running smoothly has made it much easier to continue to support all students.

We will remain available to students and parents/carers throughout the closure and I look forward to seeing you all again once we re-open. In the meantime, stay safe and well.

Mrs Davey our librarian has created a series of book list of recommended titles which can be found on the ‘Library’ page of our website here.  Mrs Davey has curated an excellent range of books spanning from the classics to horror and everything in between!  All are readily available in local public libraries (many of whom are providing additional online versions, free of charge).

The World Health Organisation has published some sensible advice for people suffering from anxiety in the current uncertain times.  To help protect mental health and for those experiencing stress related to the Coronavirus the WHO recommend;

  • Limit social media use
  • Listen to advice from the NHS not from unreliable sources
  • Limit watching/listening to the news to once a day.

Further reading and advice from Young Minds for looking after yourself while self-isolating, please click here

The fitness coach Joe Wicks (known as "The Body Coach") is running a daily half an hour PE workout for students which will be available live on his YouTube channel.  To take part just click here.  His aim is to inspire and energise students with a fun work-out in their own home! 

We recently welcomed school alumni Kenechi Wilson who delivered a most inspirational assembly to our lower school.  The aim of the assembly was to inform students of the benefits of learning a musical instrument. It is scientifically proven that singing and playing an instrument benefits our students as a whole person, enhancing their ability to learn and their confidence. Mrs Dent wanted to enlighten her students with this knowledge and a live performance.

Kenechi is currently studing music at The Brit School where she is developing her talent for rap.  Kenechi writes from the heart, her lyrics are poetic and meaningful; striking a cord with young people and speak of empowerment and optimism - looking to a positive future.  Kenechi’s performance was spellbinding; we will be following her career and hope to invite her back for future performances.


One of the activities to mark British Science Week was a competition organised by the Science department to ‘Design a Lab Coat’.  Students let their scientific and artistic imagination loose and came up with a large number of wonderful designs.  A selection of which is featured below.



On last Wednesday evening all Year 12 Student Leaders and Subject Ambassadors led an informative open evening for prospective Sixth-form students from external schools. Each subject had its own stall where information about the specific courses was given as well as details about extra-elective activities and careers. We displayed subject textbooks, our work and assessment material to provide students with both valuable information and a personal element to allow them to make a well-informed decision when choosing which A-Level subjects to study.

It was a great experience for all WG6 members to see the interest in our subjects that we are passionate about, which was reflected by the array of questions that we received.

Provided by WG6 student, Zak Welsh 





with very best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

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