Endeavour MAT Home School Newsletter 22nd May

Posted on: 21/05/2020

E Endeavour MAT Newsletter 22nd May

Who knew our schools were fostering so many keen and talented chefs!  One of the very few positives to be taken from ‘lockdown’ is the opportunity it has afforded us to really appreciate the simple act of preparing and eating food together as a family.

Coming together at the table is an important chance to celebrate being a family: by staying in touch, learning about family culture, food, and practising the social skills of dining and conversation. Family meals are for nourishment, comfort and support.

Family meals nourish the spirit, brain and health of all family members! Research has supported the notion that eating together as a family promotes sharing, fairness and respect, and can even help improve self-esteem.  Mealtime conversations help us practise our social skills which in turn can help to improve literacy.

So many of our students have submitted amazing pictures of their home made meals and bakes they have made to share with family members .. and in some cases with elderly neighbours who live alone and have had little opportunity for human contact.

Lockdown cooking by Harris and Noah C of WGSB.  “We are very lucky to live on our street as it is full of kind neighbours. During lockdown we have helped each other out in many ways from delivering bread/milk/medicines to VE Day socially distanced parties and baking. One of our neighbours 69 year old Marge, has chickens in her gardens. She lives with her husband Cliff (both pictured below) and they don’t need so many eggs, so we have a special agreement. She gives us her eggs and we share our cakes with them! Win win!

Here is the most recent attempt. Banana bread with a healthy twist as we all have been eating too much and not exercising as much as before. We have used maple syrup instead of butter and sugar.

The photos show that it wasn’t necessarily perfect to look at but Marge gave this feedback – “absolutely delicious. Texture and taste perfect”.  Other than banana bread we have realised in lockdown that we love cooking, maybe because our parents are working and otherwise we would be eating sandwiches! We have made curries, wings, fried rice, chapattis, home made burgers and spicy chicken without the help of our parents. We have also helped with roasts and bbqs.

And here is the finished banana bread. It doesn’t look perfect but it tasted soooo good. Maybe things don’t have to look a certain way to be perfect…!”

We couldn’t agree more!  And we are mightily impressed with the range and complexity of meals you have been preparing.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125618

Katie M of WGSG 9C has contributed this very tempting Victoria Sandwich sponge with expertly applied decoration!

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125629

Finley D of WGSB has made the most appetizing looking Cinnamon Pretzels which his family can confirm were every bit as delicious as they looked!  The last photo is of a cake that he made with his sister for his dads 50th, Finley made a carrot cake for the top layer and his sister made a cherry bakewell for the bottom.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125646

Rhianna M of WGSG 9H made this amazing and sculptural cake to celebrate her sister’s 12th birthday … I bet she was thrilled.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125658

“Emilia S of Stone Lodge loves to cook and is often helping in the kitchen, but this time wanted to spend more time on the decorating than baking.  So being very creative, she decorated a little cake for each of her school subjects and had so much fun doing it! Emilia loved working with the modelling tools and icing and seeing what she could come up with.  

Emilia made lemon cakes topped with cream cheese icing, then labelled them for each of her teachers, but as you will be unable to taste them for yourselves, we will happily do that bit for you!  Thank you for the challenge, Emilia had a brilliant time trying this and learning something new”.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125716

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125728

Mrs Cross of WGSB has posted recipes for students to try from home with step by step videos including one for fruit scones which Liam and Alfie have clearly mastered.  Great work boys.

Scones made by Liam M (left) and Alfie E Y7

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125742

Nayeem A of WGSB 7B, has cooked a delicious three course meal for his family and laid out the table so they could eat in style!  Nayeem made the feast as part of the Adventure Service Challenge which he is working towards.  Excellent work Nayeem, to prepare three courses is an ambitious task which you have clearly excelled at!

Nayeem’s Menu

Starter: Cheesy Pastry Bites

Main: Vegetarian Pizza and Salad

Dessert: Fruit Salad

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125758

Anna K of Stone Lodge School has made this amazing savory vegetable bake using a family recipe. Her wonderful cake is both delicious and very nutritious. Anna used a wide range of vegetables including carrots, cabbage and baby spinach combined with rice and a selection of lentils. 

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125818

Mrs Baillie of WGSG is currently running a Monster Challenge for all Design & Technology students to showcase their skills.  Many students have elected to create a Scary Bake - the perfect choice for both the Monster Challenge and the Baking Competition … very resourceful!  They include Chloe 7H with the below creation

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125830

Sophia of WGSG 7O’s surprise centre bakes .. beautifully uniform cakes.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125841

Rachael of WGSG Y8 baked Monster Cookies! (left) Millie of WGSG Y7 has made these deliciously grisly looking bakes!

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125853

And Elena of Y9 has made this rather cute monster bake!

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125906

Joel G of WGSB 8S. Joel has been working hard on these very professional bakes including a cake specially made to celebrate his dad’s birthday.  Joel made and decorated a chocolate cake from his own recipe as well as making after eight mints using an ice cube mould.  We’re told all of his creations have been delicious .. which we well believe!

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125918

Jayden of WGSB sent Mrs Cross the below message to describe his lockdown Food Technology experiences.  We’re all very impressed Jayden.

“I have enjoyed exploring new types of food and I cooked a Crab stick special fried rice. It was my first time trying special friend rice and I loved it, it was bursting with flavour!  I will be cooking this more often.  My dad thought it was very nice but my mum could not try it as she is vegan ...maybe next time I will explore and cook a vegan rice with tofu for her to try”

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125932

Brandon S of WGSB has also been busy in the kitchen cooking up oat biscuits and scones for is family to enjoy!  Great job Brandon!

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125940

Mrs Head from the PE Department at WGSG has submitted her Banana Bread which she has ‘jazzed up’ with added left over Easter Egg (we know, who has left over Easter Egg in May?!)  Mrs Head baked this near the beginning of lockdown, when ingredients were scarce but was able to find a simple recipe on http://www.fussfreecooking.com/recipe-categories/bananas/4-ingredient-banana-bread/

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125950

Mrs McKenna’s family (WGSG English department) were keen to join in with our baking challenge! “We have been doing lots of baking in the McKenna household. The children and I have made endless batches of Rice Krispie cakes and banana cake but they decided to help out with dinner yesterday. Here they are mixing dry pasta with their spoons (pictured left).  Dinner was very tasty!  We have also had a picnic and invited all the toys to join (which was great fun) but as you can see, Hulk wasn’t invited and had to stay in the toy box!

I am sure we will be making more cakes next week! Happy baking!”

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130002

If all these photos have you feeling inspired, why not turn to your favourite novel for inspiration!  The below recipe was submitted by Mrs Black, WGSG librarian.

Sausage Rolls from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

'It was someone being tortured!' said Neville, who had gone very white, and spilled sausage rolls all over the floor. 'You're going to have to fight the Cruciatus curse!'

Ingredients (Makes around 12 8cm rolls)

500g sausagemeat

500g pork mince

3 onions

3 carrots

125g soft white breadcrumbs

Freshly ground pepper

Large pinch flaked sea salt

3tbsp Worcestershire sauce

2tsp mustard powder

4 sheets ready rolled puff pastry

1 egg

1tbsp sesame seeds

1. Preheat your oven to 210C. Finely dice the onions and grate the carrots. In a mixing bowl, squidge together all ingredients, except the pastry, egg and sesame seeds.

2. Lay out a sheet of pastry. About 2cm from the edge closest to you, lay a long line of the meat filling, about 4cm high.

3. In a small bowl, whisk the egg with a fork. Using the pastry brush, paint some egg along the edge of the pastry furthest from you, parallel to the sausage. Tightly roll the sausage meat up in the pastry, using the line of egg to seal the roll closed. Place the roll on the bench so that the sealed edge is sitting underneath. Slice the roll into three large pieces (you can, of course, make smaller ones if you like). Transfer each to a lined baking sheet, paint the tops with egg wash, sprinkle with sesame seeds and score the pastry.

4. Bake for 25 minutes until a deep golden colour.


Thank you to you all for sharing your culinary prowess with us!  The professional and diverse range of bakes and prepared meals was dazzling – and made picking recipients for the Waterstone egift cards nigh on impossible!  You have all contributed wonderful items, we only wish we could have sampled them too!  Congratulations to you all!  Special congratulations to the recipients of the Waterstone egift cards (which will be emailed to the parental contact we have on record)

Stone Lodge School – Millie S

WGSB – Joel G

WGSG – Rhianna M

Overall Endeavour MAT chef - Nayeem A of WGSB

Stone Lodge students have been working on a 3-week space project, which includes a task for students to design an Earth flag/uniform patch that represents all of humanity, rather than one particular country.  Some of the students have done really well with making their designs, including splendid baked flags with decorative icing and the beautifully annotated examples below.  Mr Beaumont is very impressed with the creativity and considered approach to the task .. well done!

Sophie C

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130018

Lilah C (left) with her Science homework baking challenge! and Emelia S

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130026

Daniel G of Stone Lodge has been equally creative, but in the garden!  Daniel has been developing his carpentry skills by making a bird box and a new planter which he has also selected flowers for and planted.  Both projects are executed to a very high standard Daniel and are decorative, as well as encouraging wildlife into the garden.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130039

Grace W of WGSG 9C has made a little reading corner in her window so she can ‘read in peace’.  Grace, that looks like bliss!  Do let us know any books you would recommend.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130053

Art in lockdown.  Students across our schools have excelled in their creative output, including from Stone Lodge;

Tegan M has been practising her Art by experimenting with oil pastels – Beautiful Tegan!, This striking stylistic artwork by Sophie H (right) Jessica W (bottom) has done her abstract piece in felt! Really wonderful idea and very original.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130109

Mrs Exall of WGSB wanted to share some of the excellent work students have been doing at home (below image).  Mrs Exall has been sharing images on twitter @WGSBart and on Instagram WGSB_art as well as creating an art club YouTube channel WGSB art corner were she posts art activities which all of our Endeavour MAT students can complete at home.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130124

Mrs O’Donell of WGSG would like to share this fabulous drawing that Eve B of 9B submitted for one of their home school tasks.

Students have been looking at inspirational women through a project called 'The Female Lead' via remote working.  'The Female Lead ' is a campaign to showcase inspirational female role models across the world. It includes a diverse range of women working across many industries and different career paths. Its aim is to inspire others through positive female role models and let young women know they can achieve anything. 

Eve's portrait is the model and computer coder 'Karli Kloss'.  Kloss runs a scholarship programme named 'Kode with Karlie' teaching teenage girls to code. She also oversees the charity 'FEED' which provides meals for children in need all over the world.

Eve has achieved an accurate and realistic portrait through careful observation and use of tonal shading to model the form of her subject. 

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130137

Faith of Stone Lodge is an accomplished runner and dedicated sportswoman, she wrote to us with this update of her lockdown regime.  “Here is my picture of my daily routine since the lockdown with my brother and training partners Blessing A (the fastest boy in Knockhall Primary school) and I am glad that he will be joining me at Stone Lodge in September.  Ayo B in the picture is also coming to Stone Lodge in September.  In the family our daily training  routine is from 7am -9am”

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130204

James and Ethan R of WGSB Y8 have been supporting each other with home learning as well as working together to put up a tent for some home camping.  Well done boys, you’ve certainly got the right weather for it!

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130216

The Wilmington Parish Poetry Competition is still open for entries!  Entrants thus far include the wonderful poems below.

“COVID-19: A Stranger Kind Love” by Niamh H of WGSG (7B) 

Well, here we all are in COVID-19, 

A stranger kind of love we need, 

With all the sadness and anger we have seen, 

We need to de-stress and sow a love seed. 

And how about me in this lockdown? 

I really don’t know, I just can’t think, 

Frustrated, angry and anxious with a frown, 

The whole worlds shattered with a COVID-19 clink. 

So, we are all finding self-love and self-esteem 

Through messaging friends and family Zooms, 

Walking in nature where the air seems clean, 

Trying to forget that Coronavirus looms. 

So many of us have gone beyond and above 

To make sure we grow a new kind of love.


A sonnet:  How much do I love thee? By Adrial of WGSG 9B

Let me count the ways!

I love thee to the moon and back,

To the sky and the sea,

For all to agree,

I love thee to the depth of the ocean,

With endless devotion,

Like a summers breeze,

With a slight smell of old cheese,

I love thee with love that runs so deep,

That causes me to oversleep,

As I spend all night thinking about you,

Like true lovers do,

I love thee with all my heart,

And it will always be yours to break apart

Screen shot 2020 05 14 at 125150

We are delighted to present the new addition to the Dent household to you.  Lyanna Cleo Dent. Mother, baby (and dad!) are doing well as you can see from the pictures.  We have sent them both our good wishes and congratulations.

Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 130232

PFA Update.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the PFA will be able to hold any events this year, due to social distancing regulations.
We would, however, wish to continue to raise funds for the school. The only way this can be possible at the moment is through our Easyfundraising initiative.  It really is easy to sign up and then every time you shop from a participating retailer WGSG benefits!
Screen shot 2020 05 21 at 125013
Mr Willis has sent us a sneaky peek of our new Sport and Classroom block which was taken yesterday 21st May.  Work has now begun on fitting the interior.
Screen Shot 2020 05 21 at 15.34.03
Online Safety.  For advice about staying safe when you're on a phone, tablet or computer, ThinkUKnow has provided an #OnlineSafetyAtHome pack with new activities for parents and carers to use at home please click here

We hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable half term  … to finish, Dr Newson of WGSG’s weekly dose of fun!

What do you call a dog that does magic tricks?

A labracadabrador.

I’m thinking about removing my spine. I feel like it’s only holding me back.


Three fish are in a tank. One asks the others, “How do you drive this thing?”

Stay safe and stay in touch and we look forward to welcoming all of our students back when it's safe for us all to do so.  The latest letters from our Head Teachers can be referenced on the Correspondence page of our website here. In the meantime, please send photos and news to gwellcoat@endeavour-mat.co.uk. Our Newsletter after half term will include a focus on reading and the power of books to transport you to another place and time (especially relevant during lockdown) If you have any recommendations or have been inspired to explore a new interest .. or have a favourite reading spot - please send Grace Wellcoat your stories and photos!


Very best wishes,


Mrs Lodge CEO Endeavour MAT, Mrs Lawson HT, WGSG, Mr Guthrie HT, WGSB and Mr Barnett HT, Stone Lodge School.

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