Blog week ending 20th November

Posted on: 20/11/2020

Our students are getting used to seeing a film crew in school!  Footage was captured recently at both Wilmington Grammar Schools for our joint WG6 Open Event.  The weather held, and we were able to get some great footage showing off our facilities and grounds.  Thank you to all students who wrote and performed their own compelling scripts and to everyone who gave their time or permitted filming during lessons.  The film is currently being edited and will be available to view via our website from Monday 30th November.




Year 8 Food Technology students prepared a lunch menu; pea and watercress soup together with freshly baked bread rolls.  With each practical lesson, students also research the sustainability of the ingredients prior to creating the recipe with the learned techniques.


WG6 Chemistry students deepening their understanding of esters with a series of practical investigations.  In this lesson students were making esters, identifying its component parts and recording the chemical reaction.  There was a competition for the most pungent smelling ester, the joint winning groups were Ollie’s and Louis’

Please note, these pictures were taken prior to our most recent safety assessment (hence students are not wearing masks)



In the year 12 Physics lessons students have been studying the concepts of resistance and resistivity. In this experiment they were building circuits to find how the voltage applied to a piece of graphite affected the current that flowed through it and therefore its resistance. They then use this data to calculate the resistivity of the graphite.



Our Y13 Professional Construction Practice students attended a virtual careers meeting and tour regarding apprenticeship degree opportunities at ISG. 

One of our alumni, Alex McCarthy from last year's Professional Construction Practice cohort is currently on ISG’s apprentice programme at ISG, and contributed to the virtual tour.


Online and virtual Careers and Further education sessions are taking place across our schools as we continue to adapt our approach to providing all GCSE and A Level students with the appropriate guidance and support to fully explore future opportunities.

Safeguarding Update.  As we continue through this second period of lockdown, please may I remind you to monitor your daughter’s use of social media.  New apps and games are being developed all of the time, and unfortunately, some of them are not at all suitable for the stated target audience.

The UK Safer Internet Use and the NSPCC’s website are excellent points of reference and information to help you discuss your daughter’s online use.  Please do contact the school if you would like any further support or have any concerns in this area. 

Ongoing – Y11 students GCSE PPEs until November 27th

Forthcoming – reminder, INSET day on Monday 23rd November.

Best wishes,

Mrs Michelle Lawson

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