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Posted on: 27/11/2020

It was an honour to present Nicole D of 10E with an Award on behalf of the YMCA in recognition of her charitable activities over lockdown (and beyond!)  Nicole has been volunteering her time to help source and provide food hampers for local people who are struggling to provide for their families.  Sadly, as we are only too aware, COVID’s economic impact can be devastating, particularly for low-income families.  Thanks to the volunteers and supporters of the YMCA and other charitable organisations, communities are endeavouring to support each other through these extremely difficult times.

Nicole has shared the following;

“Throughout the pandemic, I have been working with other YMCA volunteers for the community by packing hampers with essentials like bread, pasta and soap. We then deliver them to those in need of a little help during lockdown such as people who have lost their jobs and have families to provide for.

The YMCA are a charity that work by helping the community and all the members that are a part of it. Their main focus is on helping and educating the young people but they work for all members of the community such as providing accommodation for the homeless and educating them with life skills so they can find a job and live independently.” 

If you would like to volunteer your time or are able to donate essential items (that includes gift items for children) please contact the YMCA directly on



This term we are staging a Trust-wide Christmas Hamper House Competition in support of local charities (including the YMCA) as well as for elderly residents in local care homes.  Our aim is to support local charities who are striving to ensure that every child receives a gift this Christmas and that families and the elderly all receive a treat along with the provision of basic essentials.

Full details of our Christmas Hamper competition can be found in my letter which has been emailed home and can be viewed on our Correspondence page here.  We’ll provide updates on House progress as well as sharing any feed-back from the charities and care homes involved.

Pictured, a selection of hampers from last year’s competition.


We have just received a letter from Dame Kelly Holmes in recognition of us naming our new Sports and Learning block for her.  The note included a special message for our students “Never give up believing in you!”  Dame Holmes speaks from experience, she started running when she was 12, yet it was twenty-two years later, aged 34 that she achieved her dream and won an Olympic Gold medal.  The message is a powerful one, and mirrors our own school community values.


Our Design for the Built Environment Y10 students are currently studying ‘sustainability and the environment’ In this Town Planning module students have identified the key elements that they would like included in a new town, and are now creating a scale model prior to writing a report for a new town planning committee.




In this practical activity WG6 Chemistry students are nitrating a benzene derivative – this is an example of an important group of reactions in chemical synthesis, which chemists use to produce substances for a wide range of uses including new medicines.





Cultural Own Clothes Day – Friday 4 December

We will be hosting our first cultural own clothes day on Friday 4th December.  This is the culmination of the work that we have been doing over the past 2 months on multiculturalism. We are asking students to dress in clothes from their own or others culture.  During a time of national difficulties, we look forward to enjoying and celebrating all of the diversity and culture within our community. We would like the students to dress in a way that reflects cultural heritage, that can be anything from wearing an outfit that reflects that heritage to the colours of a flag or even a football shirt.  The idea is to celebrate all of the diversity of background and tradition that we have in our community.  The cost of the own clothes day will be £1 and this will begin our fundraising this year for the House Charities.  You are able to make the payment for the day through parentpay.


Best wishes,

Mrs Michelle Lawson

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