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Posted on: 07/05/2021

Our PE Department is opening up with new clubs, specialist training and a raft of exciting lessons across the year groups.  This week our Year 7 Athletics students have been introduced to the High Jump for the first time!  In this lesson students have been perfecting the ‘Fosbury Flop’!  High Jump requires the student’s back to pass over the bar. Dick Fosbury, who went on to win an Olympic gold medal in 1968, invented this technique, hence the Fosbury Flop!  Students also practised running with a hop and a jump before combining all skills to execute a perfect launch and landing. 





Our new timetable of Extra-Curricular PE Clubs all run after school between 3.30pm – 4.30pm, and everyone is welcome.  The PE Department is looking forward to seeing lots of students getting involved!  Additionally, specialist coaching will be provided by visiting professionals.


Y12 Forensic Science students have been investigating a WG6 CSI challenge – The Meadow Murder!  Our student investigators were issued a crime report detailing a suspected murder.  Students assessed the crime scene to gather evidence, ensuring the preservation and accuracy of all collected evidence within the crime scene boundary.  Students will then conduct tests in the lab before reviewing all findings to determine whether any of the suspects could be tied to the evidence at the scene.

Pictured below, marking and photographing the position of ‘bullets’ found at the scene.


Bagging and recorded evidence



Secured the crime scene boundary


Students located two potential murder weapons, pictured below.


Our WG6 aspiring leaders have been finalising their hustings; their pledges and plans as part of the Head Boy and Head Girl school election process.  Each candidate will record a two-minute film which will be broadcast to all students during form time as part of their campaign!  All students will then have the opportunity to vote for whoever they believe has the best vision for the Head Student roles.  Good luck everyone!



We are delighted to announce the launch of our Year 10 Mentoring Programme in conjunction with Canterbury Christ Church University and Brightside to offer, bespoke 1:1 mentoring for every Y10 student.  The project gives students a choice for support in English, Maths, Science, or general study.  Their mentor will then work with them for the next 6 weeks to offer specific support and guidance in the student’s chosen area. 

The support being offered is not tutoring, it is subject mentoring from someone who understands the challenges and can offer alternate ways to overcome some of the barriers that the students might be feeling.  Whilst we will work within school to close the gaps, it is vital that the students have an opportunity to gain additional support in a different way, rather than just expecting them to attend more lessons.  The Mentoring Programme has already run with our Year 11s and we are exploring the potential for extending and adapting the scheme across other year groups for the future.


Mr Lees is delighted to confirm that the library is now fully accessible to all year groups – and he looks forward to sharing recommendations and reviews with students over the course of the term.  As you know, due to the Covid regulations the library was closed for some time, consequently we have a very large number of overdue books.  Mr Lees is running a two week ‘book amnesty’ starting Monday 10th May where students can return overdue books without incurring any of the usual penalties.  Books can be returned to the library to Mr Lees (or left in a clearly marked green tray when he is not in the library).  Additionally, there will soon be a grey metal cabinet placed in the entrance lobby to the main building where library books can be returned.  Please can I ask all students to check if you do have any of our WGSG library books and return them as soon as possible so that others have the opportunity to read them too.

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 10th to 16th May, this year the theme is ‘Nature’.  We will be having a whole school assembly on Monday followed by a series of wellbeing tools sessions during form time throughout the week.  To find out more about this year’s theme and how we can all get involved please click here


Dartford Valley Rugby Club have asked us to share the below message regarding their plans for an enhanced community area and facilities. 

“We are looking for backing to go ahead with a brand-new community space, open to everyone, which will include an outside braai/grill and bar area, large pitch side seating area, open fire pit, children's soft play area and memorial garden. 

The cost of this project is £84,155, but we need as many pledges as possible to get the green light for this. All we are asking is for everyone to pledge just £2, as the quantity of backers is worth more than what is pledged. For example, 200 people pledging £2 is worth more than one person pledging £400. A greater number of backers then allows us to unlock access to larger grants from Kent County Council and others.  Thank you to all families who already support and are users of Dartford Valley Rugby Club – we hope to welcome more students and their families as Covid regulations are lifted”

Shane, Dartford Valley Rugby Club

Please click here for more information and to pledge.


Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher

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