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Posted on: 28/05/2021

Our whole school community came together to wish our Y13s luck, happiness and success in their future endeavours!  It was a day of celebration, with the most wonderful and uplifting final assembly which included heartfelt messages from Donna Lodge, our CEO as well as from myself and Mr Guthrie, Mrs Tiddy and Mr Watson.  Mrs Regan raised a cheer (and a few tears) as she addressed the students for the final time.  We all enjoyed the ‘alternative’ awards presentation delivered by the Student Leaders and wasn’t at all surprised to see that Freddie F was nominated “Most Likely to become Prime Minister”!

Pictured, our Student Leadership group were presented with a keepsake to thank them for their hard work and leadership!


Our Year 7 students from both Grammar Schools came together to form a ‘guard of honour’ as students left school, forming a path of cheering and clapping to mark the effort and achievements made by our Y13s throughout their careers with us.  It was lovely to see the Y13s stop to chat to the Y7s, and laugh with them about their own old Y7 photos!






Across our sites, teachers have been wishing fond farewells to students, sharing picnics and in the case of our science departments, setting light to students! *



*actually, these were scientific experiments conducted with full due diligence to health and safety regulations!!



Our Y12 students have been working on their EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) presentations.  The EPQ is an independent research project which comprises an essay of about 5,000 words in an academic style together with a formal presentation which provides a qualification (and UCAS points). 

The presentations were extremely well researched and executed and I was impressed with our students’ level of professionalism.  Each student had chosen a subject that (crucially) they were interested in and in these two instances, related to a field of further education and career path they are planning to pursue.

B12Claudia shared her findings on “To what extent is sustainable fashion achievable?”  In an excellent presentation Claudia demonstrated a balanced and progressive view of the fashion industry’s approach to reconcile consumer habits, profitability and environmental impact. 





B14Josh C delivered a presentation that explored the role of AI within medicine and on humanity as a whole.  Josh is interested in pursuing a career within medicine and chose to research this topic to give him an understanding of AI’s current use and future potential within medicine.  Whilst researching his EPQ Josh became increasingly aware of the moral and legal questions raised by AI’s use and capabilities in the modern world.  A fascinating topic and one that Josh’s presentation sought to provide insight and food for thought!



G3Our Library has a wealth of research material available to all key stages including a subscription to JSTOR which is an online research resource package with over 2,800 archival journals – the majority of which are unavailable on the open web – four primary source collections, and more than 2,000 open access eBooks, the JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection provides students with a safe and trusted environment to research topics across the curriculum.  JSTOR is an invaluable resource for independent study and is used by most universities in the UK.  This is particularly helpful to our EPQ students.  To access the JSTOR site, using the computers in the library click this link JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection | JCS ( And log on using the username and password available from the library. The JSTOR research facility can then be accessed in school or at home.

Tia in 7A won our nature caption competition, in line with Mrs Leamon’s focus on nature for Mental Health Awareness Week. I was very pleased to have received quite a few beautiful entries from my form group including some of them connecting with nature themselves. It was lovely to see.

 Mrs Dent.


Beth L of Y10 has just completed her practice DofE Silver Expedition.  Mr Simmons, Beth’s Geography teacher was particular keen on discussing the charts that Beth uses to navigate her course!  Thank you for sharing the below Beth, the photos look amazing.

“We had a great time and it was lots of fun, we sailed from the O2 in London to Greenhithe on the first day and then from Greenhithe to hull-haven on the second day, while looking at points of interest as well as erosion/costal management.” 



There were approximately 4,000 honey bees down on the Meadow, and although they were up quite high in one of our trees, as a precautionary measure we arranged for them to be carefully removed.  A member of the Dartford Bee keeping association, came to the school and safely removed the bees and their queen. They now live in their new bee hives, away from our site (pictured below). 


We have been asked to share the following information with our families;

Information: EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).  Now that the UK has left the European Union, children and adults from other European countries who live in the UK may need to apply for permission to stay. This is called ‘pre-settled’ or ‘settled status’ depending on how long you or your parents have lived in the UK. Once you have received permission, you can carry on living in the UK as you do now. Existing close family members (who are EU or non-EU citizens) will also be allowed to come and live with you in the UK.


It is crucial that eligible parents apply to the Scheme themselves and check whether they need to do so on behalf of their children. Eligible children are required to have an application in their own right and no child of any age is covered by a parent’s application to the EUSS. There’s more information on this here on GOV.UK.
To provide additional guidance, an EUSS leaflet has been produced by the University of Liverpool, in partnership with the Home Office. It has been designed with children in mind and is intended to support both children and parents with information to help them apply to the EUSS. A set of accompanying FAQs are available too.
Applications to the EUSS are free and can be made online at, where you can also find out more information about how to apply.


Student wellbeing - Parent/Carer Webinars.  The sessions are designed to help parents/carers understand how Kooth can support their child with their mental health and wellbeing.  Each session will cover:

  • A Presentation on Kooth (which includes what to consider when wanting to have a conversation with children and young people about how they're feeling, etc)
  • A Live tour of the Kooth site
  • An opportunity for Questions & Answers about Kooth

Please ensure you register for the webinar of your choice.



Registration Link

Zoom Link

Tues 15 June

12pm -1pm

Weds 30 June

6pm – 7pm

Tues 13 July

6pm – 7pm

The work on the new coach park due to complete over half term and the final works on the entrance and exit gates for the school being completed over the Summer. This does mean that students need to have their ID cards with them as the access controls on the gates will work with their ID cards. We have also increased the security by having access points on all of the entrances into the school buildings

We are hoping to be able to return to a more normal lunchtime service from the canteen later in Term 6. In preparation for this and in order to keep students in their bubbles we will be moving the Year 9 students onto the KS4 timings for the school day, this will help them prepare for Year 10 but also allow us to have 2 dining areas available. This does mean that Year 9 students will finish school at 3.15, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 2.15 on Wednesday. However, students will be able to wait in school for collection at the usual time should they need to.

Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

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