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Posted on: 09/07/2021

Our Year 9 and 10 Mandarin students have enjoyed a variety of virtual intensive study and in-school activities for their MEP Virtual China trip. The Opening Ceremony included talks from a number of senior contributors to the programme in China and the UK including School Standards Minister, Nick Gibb.

All of our students involved in the programme have really made the most of the virtual teaching opportunities and have done so well engaging with the Chinese teachers asking questions in both Mandarin and English.

A very popular part of the programme was with the Panda Project in conjunction with the Cheng du Research Centre.  Kotryna of 9A interviewed a representative from the centre to learn more about their conservation work and the Panda nursery!  Please click here for more information



Around school, as part of the MEP Virtual Trip, our Y10 students have been creating short films and posters in Mardarin and English to promote our local area and school to tourists from China.



The Mandarin Excellence Programme, delivered by the UCL Institute of Education in partnership with the British Council aims to have at least 5,000 pupils in England on track towards fluency in Mandarin Chinese

Mrs McKenna’s Y10 English students have been presenting their ‘film of the book’ speeches.  Each student researched and evaluated a book and its screen adaptation in terms of plot, character portrait, setting and script.  Students presented astute and considered critiques with intelligent observations and emotional insight .. combined with brilliant presentation skills! 



It’s that time of year – seasonal strawberry jam!  Our Y10 GCSE Food Technology students made delicious strawberry jam .. the aroma wafting along the school corridors was wonderful!




Pictured; students sampling preserving sugar


Our A Level Chemistry students have been conducting experiments to determine their constant equilibrium!  In these images, students are using the methods of titrating.



Message from Donna Lodge, CEO Endeavour MAT

Our Trustees and Members joined us in school for our annual Trustee Review Day.  The meeting is a platform to measure and assess the many strategies and contingencies put in place to ensure continuity of learning, management and care across our schools for what has been a very challenging year.  As a MAT we immediately moved to a fluid and interactive online teaching regime, providing a high calibre of lessons and student engagement.  This year has proven the value of a truly collaborative and united Trust to provide the best possible outcomes for our students and staff.  Our strengths and expertise were shared across schools, all new learnings and provisions discussed and deployed to all students.  Strategies for future growth and development were debated and evaluated.

Pictured below from left, Mr Barnett, Head Teacher of Stone Lodge School, Mr McGonigle, Trustee, Mr Strachan, Trustee & Chair of the Local Governing Body for WGSB, Mr Mattu, Trustee and Chair of Trustees from September, Ms Kemsley, Trustee & Chair of the Local Governing Body for Stone Lodge and Mr Guthrie, Head Teacher WGSB & Endeavour MAT CEO from September.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr John Horgan, our Endeavour MAT Chair of Trustees who is stepping down in August.  John has been a huge support and ambassador for our schools providing tangible value and industry experience to the process of Trust management and setting objectives; ensuring that students and staff within our schools thrive.  From September, our current Trustee Mr Suki Mattu will become our Endeavour MAT Chair of Trustees.  For more details concerning our Members and Trustees, please click here

Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher


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