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Posted on: 16/07/2021

Our Enrichment Programme has taken place across the Year groups, taking in every subject.  The enrichment sessions have been designed to provide hands-on activities, exposure to new ideas and concepts and most crucially, be a lot of fun! 

Our Year 9s took part in a STEM based Enrichment programme with a focus on engineering.  Willmott Dixon is a contracting and interiors fit-out group founded in 1852.  Their speakers led a session highlighting career opportunities within construction with an emphasis on women in construction including; Project Manager, Marketing Manager, and Finance Manager.  In a team challenge, students assumed the roles of Project Manager, Architect and Surveyor to build a sound structure.  Taking into consideration how much of the materials they used and the soundness of the structure - the highest building wins!




In this session Y9 students were challenged to work in groups to design and build four items of furniture from newspaper.  The judging criteria is based on 1) aesthetics, 2) build quality and 3) design continuity (do the items match).  The winning team, Hepworth, were presented with the most fabulous cake, handmade by our brilliant technician Mrs O Bukoye.




Hepworth's winning entry is the bed, dressing table, stool and bedside table pictured below


Year 10 had an exciting Careers Day with presentations from Cambridge University, North Kent College, student alumni, Electrosonic, The National Citizenship Service and apprenticeships (CXK). The day forms part of the Year 10 and 11 Futures Programme which includes events and opportunities that focuses students’ attention on recognising and creating opportunities to make informed career choices and plan their next step after GCSEs. 

A team from Electrosonic delivered a powerful presentation about the company and the careers available. Presentations were given by staff who joined as graduates or via an apprenticeship. The team kindly set a work-related task for all students with five work experience places as prizes.

Mr Atkins introduced the day and welcomed Ms Bex from Cambridge University


The Electrosonic Team


In the afternoon EBP kindly created a virtual careers fair with activities for students to take part in.


We would like to thank everyone involved in contributing to today’s programme – it has offered our students valuable insight and experience to help them achieve their exciting potential and find out about careers they may not have previously considered.

Sian from North West Kent College


Emily and Chloe from The National Careers Service


Our Year 7 students have been off-timetable for their Enrichment Programme with fun and immersive sessions including a science Ecology Project.  Students conducted an ecology investigation into indicator species using quadrats focusing on the impact of pollution on biodiversity in our local area. 





Art Enrichment Theme:  Students have researched the life and work of Nobel Prize Winner and founder of the Green Belt Movement, Dr Wangari Maathai, who planted millions of trees across Africa in a bid to counteract deforestation.  Her symbol and motif is the hummingbird, a spiritual animal and students drew their own hummingbird, stencil cut this by hand then added one of her famous environmental quotes to the work. Her ethos and ideas were surrounded by values of everyday people and communities replenishing their own environment by replanting.  One of her famous quotes was “ I will be a hummingbird I will do the best I can”.  Students produced excellent work during the day with high quality outcomes, well done Y7

Ms Cregan



Our Year 8 students have been exploring the principles of Epistemic learning.  Epistemic Insight engages students’ intellectual curiosity and develops cross-disciplinary understanding allowing them to make connections within their learning, building up as they move through school and beyond.  Students are encouraged to ask, and to form their own conclusions to a number of ‘Big Questions’, such as for this session, can a robot be a ‘person’?’

Speakers from Canterbury Christchurch University led a series of sessions encouraging cross-subject thinking beyond the normal curriculum to challenge students to make connections between areas of knowledge.  In the below session students discussed electronic personhood; and the development of autonomous and cognitive features – is our behaviour determined by nature or nurture.  Students each made their own robots to support their investigation of autonomy.

We were impressed by the high level of engagement from students and our visitors were thrilled with the quality of answers and student contributions to the sessions. Well done Year 8.



Our PE Department were determined to stage a Sports Day for this academic year!  Although a little different from previous years, we managed to run a series of Sports Day events for Years 7-10.

It was lovely to see such a fantastic display across all year groups both in track and field events. Each day was an opportunity to celebrate with each year group on their achievements and successes.

Congratulations to our competitors across all events.  Several school records were broken and all results will be announced in assemblies at the end of term.



Angela Garcia is a Y12 WG6 student studying English Literature, Media Studies, French and Spanish – and is a budding journalist!  In this week’s blog Angela has contributed a piece reflecting on her experience of Y12 with contributions from fellow students.

Summer has arrived and it’s time to look forward to going out with friends and family and enjoy our summer holiday as best as we can. We have time to reflect and become the best people we can be and make amazing memories with our friends and family and strengthen unbreakable friendships. Now that the school year is ending we need to think of who we want to be and what we want to achieve going forward. We also have to look at the things we've achieved as school, for example the school’s achievement at looking after the environment. This includes the upgrades of the sites at both the girl’s and boy’s school to make sure they are environmentally friendly and litter-picking schemes that the school is involved in to help the community’s environment.

Year 12 has been a year of learning about ourselves and other people and of great achievement. I always thought of Year 12 as the stage where we begin to find who we are and where we belong. We begin to kindle new friendships and strong connections and I’ve talked to some students who told me the things that they achieved, learned and are looking forward to in Year 13.

WG6 student Katie Chatton said “I think personally I have achieved better perseverance and am more motivated towards everything. I also think I have become more developed in my educational skills as well as life skills for the future. I have learned that everyone is capable of what they want to be as long as they work hard for it, as seen through some A Level work. I’m looking forward to the content next year and preparation for the future. However, most importantly I’m looking forward to enjoying my last year of education with everyone before we all go our separate ways for our future aspirations.”

WG6 student Harriet Leplar said “Coming from a different school, I have definitely gained confidence, independence and resilience skills!  I’ve learned that people share my passions for my subjects and have met loads of people all with different passions which have been very exciting!” and the thing she’s most looking forward to Year 13 is “the prospects of uni and a different way of life”

Another student Katie Light said “I've achieved more social confidence around other people, as well as teachers. I've learned that although it is very important to be there for everyone, even if you don’t know them well. Someone could be going through horrible things at home, and I think it's important to be there for someone, even if you don't know what is happening. I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge and friendships.”

As the school year draws to a close, we reflect on the last 12 months and all we have achieved and overcome and look forward to making Year 13 a truly memorable one!


The National Careers Service is delivering a series of webinars for parents and carers whose children are receiving results this August.

It has been a challenging year for students and the National Careers Service want to equip parents and carers with advice to support their children on the day. Click the links below to sign up to one of the webinars and get:  

  • tips on how your child can prepare for results day 
  • advice about their options 
  • advice about leaving education and exploring careers 
  • signposting to useful sources 
  • an opportunity for Q&A 

Book your free place now: Choose one of the dates below and click the 'book your place' link to sign up.

Friday 30th July, 12pm – book your place 
Tuesday 3rd August, 4pm – book your place 
Wednesday 4th August, 12pm – book your place



Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher



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