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Posted on: 01/10/2021

Screen shot 2020 07 17 at 085005As we begin this academic year, we do so with a change to our Chair of Governors, Mrs Diane Connell.  She is stepping down this term from her role as Chair and as a Governor. Diane has served as a Governor at the school for nearly 30 years and has been our Chair of Governors since 2005. During that time, she has championed the school at every twist and turn of its journey whilst for much of it holding down a demanding role as a legal adviser in the North Kent Magistrates Court and acting as the Deputy Justice’s Clerk.  Diane is a shining example of our REACH values particularly as she herself attended the school as a student.

Diane has always believed that students learn best when parents and carers are involved in their education and school life.  She has organised her governing team to ensure that there is always a governor presence at every event the school hosts. A rota for parent consultation evenings, fundraising events, school concerts and induction days is created, but with Diane always attending with great enthusiasm and a love of life. Diane gives generously of her time in supporting trips and extra-curricular activities.

One of her innovations was to introduce a governor self- review process to tie in with the annual PRP cycle facing staff. AS a committed and caring champion of the school, Diane was keen to ensure that the governing team scrutinised their own performance to mirror that undertaken by employees of the school.

In a changing educational landscape, Diane has had to come to terms with the school amending its status from being a stand-alone single academy to becoming a Multi Academy Trust. Rather than shy away from the challenge, Diane has embraced the new wold and has once again demonstrated that her community spirit and zeal to help others extends far beyond the gates of a single school. She has tirelessly worked to ensure that the new structure benefits all stakeholders and her continued support and input is highly valued.  As such I am delighted that whilst she steps down as one of our Governors she will still be a Trustee and as such I know will continue to champion WGSG as well as the other schools in the Trust.  As Diane has done so much for the school over the year she has served the PFA are organising a collection for her and you can contribute to this through the Parent Pay, where a payment item has been added, my thanks for your generosity in helping us say thank you to an outstanding advocate for our school.  Next week I will introduce our new Chair of Governors to you.

Our Modern Foreign Languages Department provides a vibrant and exciting environment for developing linguistic skills and exploring new cultures and traditions.  Learning a new language can open up a whole world of opportunity (quite literally!) of personal and economic improvement.  Our MFL Department are keen to start re-introducing language trips to provide our students with the chance to practice their learned conversation skills and explore the culture and sights of overseas countries first-hand.  In the meantime, we will be announcing new clubs and activities over the coming weeks.


Students in Y9 MEP groups have been working on a project to promote local areas in Mandarin. Students designed tourism posters and slogan's in Mandarin and enjoyed researching local areas of interest in London and Kent, such as a local Chilli farm and China Town in Central London. They then used their creative ideas and Mandarin language skills to promote those areas to the Chinese tourist market.  Well done girls!



Year 10 Chemistry students applied their knowledge of concentration and moles calculations to create a standard solution of copper sulphate. This is a skill used in every scientific lab in the world!




As part of our PHSE Programme speakers from St Giles to deliver an empowering and interactive session to Year 9.  The session provides our students with practical tools and strategies that they can use to build resilience to risks such as negative peer pressure and grooming, giving them real knowledge and insights that will help them to make positive choices.  The speakers spent time debunking myths and stereotypes around crime, gangs, county lines and related issues, challenging the messages in social media, de-glamourising the lifestyle and exposing the realities of negative choices – whilst reinforcing the advantages of staying engaged in education, positive role models and taking part in positive activities.



Our WG6 A Level Chemists have been undertaking practical investigations to converting ethanol into ethanoic acid.  Ethanoic acid is compound is widely used across the the food, medical and household industries including; the production of vinegar, cleaning agents and antiseptics.



Best wishes,


Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher

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