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Posted on: 03/12/2021

Careers at WGSG.  As part of our Careers Programme, Year 8, 9 and 11 students participated in a range of activities to enhance their understanding of employability and career management skills.

Year 8 students participated in a unique enterprise opportunity to understand the costs and benefits of risk taking, communication skills and the importance of collaboration. The activity was arranged to help students think and act in enterprising ways and to help then to recognise the need to be prepared for a world which is changing rapidly. In groups students completed a business plan detailing their ’company’ and product or service they were offering to increase their £10 start-up costs. The tasks aimed to develop skills such as problem solving, decision making and evaluating risks. The activity is one of many opportunities the school arranges to enable students to be enterprising and entrepreneurial whatever their chosen career path.



Year 9 students completed the Morrisby Aspirations Questionnaire which we offer as part of our excellent Careers Education Programme. The Aspirations Questionnaire is an online career profiling system, providing career recommendations to aid students when choosing their GCSE options. an online career profiling system, providing career recommendations to aid with choosing their GCSE options, as well as various other options related activities. Deciding which subjects to choose, may seem daunting but there will be plenty of information available moving forward.  To start these conversations, Morrisby Aspirations generates a report students can share at home which we hope you will find useful.

Year 11 students had A Level subject Q & A sessions with current WG6 students who shared their experiences of A Levels and the challenges and positives of moving from GCSEs to sixth form. Our thanks go to April, Rachel, Daisy, Jasmine and Katie for their excellent talks on a range of subjects including languages, English, maths and the Extended Project Qualification.

Pictured, Jasmine of WG6 speaking with Y11 students.


After the talks, in keeping with our commitment to provide students with outstanding careers guidance and tailored support when choosing their next step, we launched Unifrog to Year 11. The Unifrog platform is designed to support students in making the most informed decisions about their futures and has a range of tools that are suitable for all year groups. Each student has their own personal account that provides a wide range of information related to their interests and aspirations.  Parents and Carers are invited to log and view Unifrog for themselves so you can support your child through the process – you will have received a letter via email with more details and your log-in code.

Pictured below students reading up on the subject choices, and extra-curricular electives programme available here at WG6

To read an online copy of the WG6 Curriculum Booklet click here

To read an online copy of our Electives Programme please click here



Pictured below, Aspire sessions with WG6 students to encourage students to aim high with their university and career ambitions!



Spotlight on the Music Department.

“Where words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen

The WGSG Music department thrives on the notions of inclusion, creativity and enthusiasm for the subject. We deliver a broad curriculum with an aim to provide an insightful knowledge of musical understanding and quality of performance. We encourage this department to be a friendly hub to share ideas and rehearse in.

Extra-curricular clubs as well as visiting specialist musicians provide exciting and complementary sessions to support learning as well as develop new interests and skills that can last a lifetime!

Our multi-talented Year 11 GCSE musicians work on a range of instruments and singing styles as well as composing and performing their own examination pieces.

Pictured below, Mrs Dent, Head of Music accompanying a Year 11 student




Our Year 8 Musicians have been rehearsing a group performance piece which will feature in our special festive Music Department Video!



Our Economics, Business Studies and Finance Departments have access to research and study materials via our school libraries including the Financial Times online Secondary Schools Programme which is used to support classroom lessons as well as independent study.  Students are encouraged to ‘think like an examiner’ and in a recent A Level Economics lesson students used the financial press to select news items that could be used in an examination, then discuss the likely question and maximum point answer.  In the below example students correctly identified the potential economic outcome of the news story and were able to draw a supply and demand diagram to illustrate their findings.


Pictured below, Mrs Smith with one of her A Level Economics classes.


During the November half term two of our Economics and Business WG6 students completed a work experience at Société General, an investment bank in Canary Wharf.  They were given this opportunity through participation in the Young Women in Finance scholarship programme, a sponsored 5-year course that aims to open doors for women in the finance industry to increase the diversity of the workforce.  Below is an account of their work experience written by the students;

“We spent the first day talking to members of the team and shadowing Allan Baker, the man who heads the renewables team at Soc Gen to get a basic understanding of what the team’s responsibilities are. The team is built up of many smaller sections: upstream, midstream and downstream. We spoke to the downstream team who walked us through their daily responsibilities and invited us to hydrogen workshops where we got an understanding of green and blue hydrogen along with its possibilities for the future. After our first day we went home and did some research on blue and green hydrogen as it was very clear that we were a little bit in over our heads but the team was very supportive and took the time to explain anything we didn’t understand so that in the coming meetings we were able to ask more questions and get involved. We quickly realised the important role of hydrogen in the future especially as the team prepared for COP26 the week after.  

Most of our time was spent observing the team and asking question about how they got to their role, what their job involves, what they do on a daily basis and then their area of expertise in general. We also had the opportunity to ask more general questions like how to make our CV stand out and what the work-life balance is like in a big investment bank, they provided a great insight about what a career in the investment industry could look like. Throughout the next two days we spoke to the head of Mergers and Acquisitions, the head of Corporate Banking and lastly the head of Compliance. This helped me to understand that I was mostly interested in the corporate side of finance and that the client interaction, being able to mitigate problems, and work well under stress are my strong suits.   

We were also introduced to non-finance-based roles as we met with the legal team, who first checked we didn’t know anything we weren’t supposed to!  She then gave an overview of what her job entails which was mainly working to prevent conflict of issues among the team and their clients and also enforcing the rules on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which is the authority that regulates and hold banks accountable for their ethical and unethical practices. This discussion highlighted the potential careers available to us in the future.  

Overall, this experience was very interesting and has helped us to refine what aspects of finance we are interested in, has allowed us to put the knowledge gained from the course into practical use, and has opened our eyes to just how current and prominent the financial sector in the UK is.” 

The Global Head of Power Advisory & Project Finance at Societe Generale Mr Allan Baker said “I have hosted quite a few people for work experience over the past few years and Beatrice and Elizabeth have been amongst the best. Hopefully we will see them later in their university career on our internship program!” 

A huge Well done to Beatrice and Elizabeth who have proven to be a credit to WG6 and the Economics, Business and Finance department.


Our WG6 Forensics and Criminal Investigation course develops scientific analytical thinking skills through the use of biological, chemical and physical evidence.  In this module students have been conducting detailed investigations to provide non-biased, scientific justification for a number of scenarios.  In this practical lesson students were examining the causes and impact of a fire – specifically, a chip-pan fire.  Mrs Munden, demonstrated the scientific factors that result in a fireball, the demonstration teaches about fire in general as well as risk assessments.  As an extension to learning, students investigated the products of combustion (experiment also pictured below)



Rachel is studying Forensics, Psychology and English and is planning to study Law and Criminology at University.  “I am planning to pursue a career within the Law and Criminology field, hence my subject choices at A Level.  I found the Law and legislation modules of this course incredibly interesting and directly relevant to my career aspirations”

G19Harvey is studying Forensics, Psychology and Biology at WG6.  He commented “I’m really getting a lot out of the course and particularly enjoyed the Forensic Anthropology module where we learned how to determine the gender and age of a body from their skeleton, in this case pelvis bone.  I also like how our investigations take in recent real-life situations such as an investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire.”


Congratulations to our Christmas Hamper Competition prize winners

  • House Theme – 10E Singh
  • Sleigh – 9C Franklin
  • Basket – 7E Bader
  • Best Christmas House – 13D Bader
  • Blue Peter award for paper mâché excellence – 9E Franklin
  • Christmas Present – 8W Bader
  • Christmas Tree – 9H Singh
  • Christmas Grotto – 9A Franklin

PTFA Update.  Thank you to all of you who came along and supported our Christmas Market on Sunday.  The event raised over £3k in profits from the Hamper, Chocolate and Bottle Tombola, food, drink and the hire of stalls. This would not have been possible with the strong support we received from our school community - from staff to parents, carers and students alike who helped make the event such a huge success!  There are a number of exciting potential school projects that are under discussion that will benefit from the monies raised and we will share more details once plans have been finalised.


I have recently sent a letter home outlining our school arrangements for the colder winter months, to read a copy of the letter please click here

Please remind your son or daughter of safety when traveling to and from school.  Students are advised to stick to well light pavements on routes agreed with their parents.  Walking in the road, on the edge of the pavement, the wrong side of safety barriers or staring at a mobile phone whilst walking can all contribute to a lack of safety.

We have a number of students with sever allergies and therefore are committed to being a nut free school – please remind your son or daughter to check all items of food or toiletries before them bringing them into school to ensure no trace of nut products. 

Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher

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