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Posted on: 10/12/2021

At Wilmington Grammar School for Girls our PSHE curriculum (personal, health, Social and economic) supports students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives now and in the future.

As part of our recent Year 10 sessions the charitable organisation St Giles came in to deliver a series of specialist preventative sessions on issues including gangs and crime.  St Giles’ award-winning approach uses trained professionals with lived experience of the criminal justice system to de-glamorise gang involvement and expose the harsh realities of crime.  As they know these issues first-hand, they speak from their own experiences and are relatable and compelling speakers who generate high levels of engagement with our students.  We have had a number of positive comments from students and parents/carers regarding the sessions including the below parental feed-back;

“My daughter is in Year 10 attended the talk by Ayeesha from St Giles yesterday during the PSHE morning. She came home full of information and was very keen to share the details of what this lady had told the girls. She was obviously a very engaging speaker who has clearly had a big impact on my daughter”


Mrs Pinder’s Year 10 Chemistry GCSE students spent a practical lesson making a salt by reacting an insoluble carbonate with an acid – then successfully writing the balanced symbol equations.


Mr Dawson runs a Science club every Wednesday during lunchtime. This week students have built bridges spanning 30cm using just spaghetti, straws and marshmallows! The winner was the team with the bridge which could hold the greatest mass. There were two winning teams who could each hold 300g without breaking. 


WG6 Chemistry have been learning about Colorimetry which is a widely used technique applied in biological system involving the measurement of a compound or group of compounds present in a complex mixture.  In this practical lesson students were able to identify the concentrations of a series of chemical solutions.  Colorimetry is used in widely in a range of industries as a diagnostic tool.  In medical science, for example is it is used to help and locate cell count which can understand which chemicals are best at slowing down the growth of tumours.



Mrs Munden’s Forensic Science students have been continuing their topic on fire exploring what causes fire, and how things burn.  Students were shown that by understanding the nature of fire and safety involved, it can be handled safely as long as all safety and risk assessments are followed .. even when creating a fire in the outstretched hands of a student?! 


Our talented Year 12 A Level Art Students have demonstrated their Art History knowledge at an exceptional level on two recent art trips:

The students visited the Royal Painting Collection at Windsor Castle and viewed a selection of paintings, drawings and photographs and received in-depth talks from Royal Curators.

Our students were able to view and analyse a drawing piece titled; “A Portrait Drawing of Sir Thomas Moore” (1527) By Hans Holbein up close and a Mughal illumination illustration from the 1800’s amongst others. Our excellent Art students then prepared a spoken group presentation of contextual information and presented their selected art work by photographer Herbert Ponting to the Royal Collection Curators and other 6th form students attending the event day. The students learned specific presentation skills and demonstrated a strong ability to talk about art to a wide audience whilst working as a team.


This Week our Year 12 Art Students attended a contemporary artist’s lecture event in Westminster. Students were inspired to hear the presentations and talks given by four well known artists:

Kate Malone-

Cathie Pilkington

Stuart Pearson Wright -

Simon Norfolk-

Our A level art students saw visuals examples of each artist’s work and learned about their specific techniques, processes and ways in which they create their final pieces and the concepts surrounding the work. Our A level Art students at WGSG are now creating research pages in their sketchbooks about one of the artist’s they viewed and heard which will directly add to their current portfolio work. Our next planned visit will be viewing the work of artist: Kehinde Wiley.


Miss Ogunkanmi our Librarian was keen to share photos taken from a recent library activity.  Students have designed and made their own festive book marks – prefect for use with one of the many new titles that Miss Ogunkanmi has added to our library shelves.  New book choices are discussed during our Book Clubs, to find out more about our Book Clubs drop in to the library.



Please join me in congratulating Sophia W of Year 10 who has just won ‘Best Young Actress’ for her role as Ellie Gewalt in the short film ‘Can’t Go Home Again’ at the High Tatras Film Festival.


G11Sophia is an extremely talented actress and is justifiably receiving worldwide recognition for her latest role.  The film, Can’t Go Home has been universally applauded winning over 40 industry awards. 

Sophia is currently studying her GCSEs .. which not entirely surprisingly include Drama and Theatre Studies.  Sophia added “I’d really encourage people to ‘go for it’ .. if you’re determined and work hard you can achieve your goals!”

Pictured below, a still from the film trailer featuring Sophia, and the film poster.


Congratulations are also due to Gabbie B of Year 11 who with her GB gymnastics team won 3rd place in the European Championships Teamgymnastics 2021 in Portugal.  We are thrilled for Gabbie for what is clearly an amazing achievement for her and for Great Britain!

GabbieGabbie is currently studying for her GCSEs .. including a Physical Education GCSE!  Gabbie’s advice to fellow students is “you must always work hard for what you want to achieve in life!”


Pictured below, Gabbie with her team mates and competing.




As part of our commitment to student wellbeing, our Emotional Wellbeing Team have held several online student workshops. Topics have included; understanding anxiety, low mood, exam stress and ways to improve wellbeing.  The workshops were run by our Emotional Wellbeing Team and took place outside of school in the students own time.

Students were invited to sign up via the student managers and learned useful strategies to help them cope during times when they may feel overwhelmed.

We were really impressed by the number of students who engaged with the programme and we look forward to continuing with further workshops in the New Year.


You may already be aware that the school has been instructed to test all students upon their return to school in January.  We will be conducting these tests on all year groups and are awaiting further information about the start of term from the DfE and will update you as soon as this is received.

Up to one third of people who have coronavirus are asymptomatic. By testing we will help to reduce the spread in school through asymptomatic transmission. I am therefore strongly encouraging those returning to school to be tested.

In order for the testing to take place, consent will again need to be provided. Please complete the form via this link Consent Form 2022  Like before, we must have consent for your child to be tested and replies should be completed by 6pm on Wednesday 15th December 2021 as this gives us time to plan and prepare for the start of term.

Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher

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