Blog week ending 23rd June

Posted on: 23/06/2017

The calibre of this year’s A and GCSE level Art exam pieces is exemplary.  Each artist demonstrated passion, skill and great understanding of composition and medium.  Ms Hellen and Mr Woodall’s classrooms have been transformed into an exhibition to rival any seen in smart London galleries!

Our Y9 students turned critics for the day, a selection of their reviews is as follows;

“I believe all of the artists deserve a minimum of a pass.  Darcie uses a range of vibrant colours to convey joy and happiness in her pieces.  Her portrayal of people is very realistic and shows features and emotions accurately” Sam 9C

“Hannah Woodey uses a range of different media from smooth acrylic to oil pastel and chalk to create many different effects and textures which is used to make the pig’s fur look realistic while each person shows different expressions which help convey Hannah’s opinions.  The underlying message of her work is upsetting as it suggests how we see certain animals as pets and others as food” Georgina 9C

“All of the pieces are good.  I liked Olivia Fry’s sketchbook because you can see the process she went through to get to the her finished piece (which is very creative)” Khiva 9C

A Level pieces

Jessica Marsh

Yucel Hulusi

Hannah Woodey


Natasha Falce

Darcie Kitchener

 From Left Jemima Jacobs and Tomi Adewusi

Olivia Fry

Left Cara Hatton, Jessica May and Natasha Falce


Examples of GCSE pieces.

Stephanie of 11O, Roberta 11A and Levi of 11O


Catherine of 11H and Fire 11O


Megan 11A, Alice of 11H and Jade of 11H

A very special assembly took place this week – The Year 7 Graduation.  The assembly was a celebration of their first year at WGSG where students spoke about their experiences of Y7 and hopes for the future.

Mrs Leamon created a slideshow presentation which included a wonderful selection of images and memories, reminding students of all the fun they have had over the past year and just how much they’ve changed.

Students talked about ‘What makes their form special’, every group spoke movingly about a close-knit group – their school family.  A musical interlude was provided by Naomi of 7B who very bravely took to the stage and sang absolutely beautifully (and entirely unaccompanied)

Two sets of awards were presented;

The Unsung Hero’s Award (for those who can be trusted to step up when required and are always reliable)

Recipients were; Keira of 7A, Cerys of 7B, Zarina of 7C, Preanka of 7H and Meenatchi of 7O.

Leamon’s Legends (for those who have done something remarkable!)

Recipients were; Tolu of 7A, Isabele of 7B, Freya of 7C, Favour of 7H, Elisa of 7O.