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Posted on: 07/07/2017

Year 7 Shakespeare Festival

On Wednesday the 5th of July, 7O, 7C and 7H celebrated each other’s winning Drama plays which have been devised this term. They were based on A midsummer Night’s Dream which they have been studying. We all met in glorious weather on the lower Manor lawn and created a stage area. One student said “it’s like Wilmington’s Globe theatre” and indeed being open air felt very authentic as it seems that Shakespeare wrote the play to be performed outside to celebrate a summer wedding.

The Drama was fabulous, funny, original and very Shakespearian. The winning group came from 7C and they all received magnetic bookmarks decorated with the quotation “She may be little but she’s fierce” as describing Hermia in the play. I was pleased that our Year 7’s did seem to be confident and assertive in their performances alike Hermia. Notable, outstanding performances were from Jannah in 7O, Isabelle in 7H and Nifemi in 7C.

We all had a lovely time.  Forms 7A and 7B will perform on Tuesday.


Pictured 7O – centre, Jannah, who was highlighted as having given an outstanding performance.

Students from 7C performing their winning production.

Right (crouching) is Nifemi of 7C who was highlighted as having given an outstanding performance.

Pictured 7H – Left, Isabelle, who was highlighted as having given an outstanding performance.


The year 8s were creating the rock cycle using rock shavings to represent the sediment and took the crayon through the stages of the cycle to make sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks.



The Alternative Sports Day was a most entertaining event.  ‘Alternative’ sports included hoola hoops, welly wanging and bean bag balancing!  Heats were hotly contested with competitors receiving enthusiatic support from their Houses.  Congratulations to all wining students.  The overall House placement and corresponding points are;

1st Chestnut – 250 House points

2nd Beech – 200 House points

3rd Oak – 150 House points

4th Ash – 100 House points

5th Hazel – 50 House points



On 28th June our Year 10 GCSE geographers visited the River Darent as part of their fieldwork investigations.  They were measuring changes in width, depth and speed of the river from its source at Westerham to its mouth at Erith. Our students got soaking wet but enjoyed themselves throughout the day!



Congratulations to ex-student Dr Kim Cave-Ayland who has been included in the Daily Telegraph’s Top 50 Women in engineering under 35.  This is a most prestigious accolade in recognition of her significant contribution to the sector.  We wish her continued success in her chosen field and look forward to hearing more of her news.

Y11’s took a special trip to Thorpe Park.  Mr Lennon led the final excursion for the year group – what a wonderful day!

Congratulations to Shannon of 7C and Grace of 8H who competed in a gymnastics micro summer teamgym competition and both were awarded medals.  Both are going on to compete in the British Gymnastics teamgym competition in Liverpool at the end of July.  Good luck ladies, we look forward to hearing how you got on.

Pictured, Shannon of 7C on the left and Grace of 8H right

We have had a request from the production company of ITV’s ‘Save Money : Good Food’ programme.   They are looking for families around the UK who would like the opportunity to help reduce their food shopping bill and learn some tasty new recipes.  The show, presented by Susanna Reid and Matt Tebbutt is in its second series and would welcome enquiries from any interested families.  Please be aware that the school is not involved in the show.

Best wishes,

Sue Hunt

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