Extra Curricular

WGSG offers students a number of opportunities to develop skills and gain experiences outside of the normal curriculum.  There is a great breadth of extra-curriculum subjects offered by WGSG teaching staff or via visiting personnel.  Additionally, staff schedule regular revision sessions for those nearing exams.  Further activities will be added as they become available.

Additional documents on specific activities can be downloaded from the left hand column.


  Mon Tues Weds Thur Fri

Y7 Netball

Gospel Choir


Science Club (Alternate weeks)

Homework Club in G7

Maths Club WG6 A Level G7

Guitar Club

Guitar lessons for beginners (fee will apply)

Y7-9 Football

Book Club in the library Y8-10

Maths Club GCSE G7

Spanish support GCSE

Y8 Netball

Y7 Gymnastics

Wilmo Vocals (Open to all!)

Library open to Y7 only

Biological Sciences help club WG6 P1&2 (Boys' site)

History Revision Lectures GCSE




The WG6 Medical Society

Y9 Netball

WG6 Maths Club in F4

RS A Level revision club (Boys' site)

Maths Club Y7,8,9 G7

Spanish support GCSE

Gospel Choir (run by Y12)


Y10 Netball

Y7-9 Football

A Level English clinic (M2)

Homework Club in G7

After School

Music GCSE Booster

Business & Economics Support Club WG6 (Boys' site)

Cardio Tennis Y7-9 Term 1,2,5&6

Tennis Club Y7-11 Term 3&4

String Group

Table Tennis (tbc)

Business & Economics Support Club WG6 (Boys' site)




Maths Club (Y9-13)

GCSE Badminton (with coach)

Maths Club WG6 (Boys' site)

Psychology A Level revision & intervention MB1

Music GCSE Support