At Wilmington Grammar School for Girls our approach to safeguarding is child-centred and we consider at all times the best interest of the child.  The following overview outlines our commitment to provide a safe environment in which children can learn.

  • Mrs Munden is the designated safeguarding lead, she provides support to staff members to carry out their safeguarding duties and liaises with other agencies such as children’s social care.
  • All staff members receive safeguarding and child protection training which is regularly updated.  In addition, all staff members receive safeguarding and child protection updates.

  • A central record is kept of all adults who either work in the school or who help as volunteers with details of DBS checks in place.

  • Any visitors to the school are required to report to the office and sign in securely through our electronic system.  Visitors are expected to wear their photographic visitor ID at all times on the school site.

  • Senior members of staff involved in the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff have received recognised training in safer recruitment, and have put in place appropriate procedures to ensure that appropriate checks have been made before appointments are taken up.

  • All staff, including non-teaching staff know the procedures for reporting safeguarding or welfare concerns.

  • All students understand the importance of safeguarding issues and have been introduced to the members of the safeguarding team through form time PSHE sessions. They too, are aware of how to report safeguarding or welfare concerns about themselves or others.

  • All students are aware of the importance of e-safety and have received guidance from the IT department and through assemblies and PSHE on safe use of the internet.  

Please click here to view the Parental Controls Online Safety Booklet

  • Delivery of relevant and current safeguarding issues are addressed and delivered through a mapped programme of PSHE both during termly drop down mornings and during form time.

  • The student council discuss issues surrounding safeguarding and student concerns and feeds back to the Senior Leadership Team on a termly basis.

Safeguarding files from Primary schools or for external Y12 students:

If you are sending electronic safeguarding files to the school, please can you send to and not to a specific staff members email address.  Please also note that we do not use CPOMs, but Edukey for our safeguarding system and so files cannot be transferred to us through this.

If you are delivering files to the school, please ensure they are sent via secure recorded delivery and marked for the attention of the DSL.


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