Pastoral Structure

As a school we are divided into five houses, Ash, Beech, Chestnut, Hazel and Oak. There are five forms in every Year. Each form belongs to one house.




Mrs J.Duckett









Miss Rolf


Miss Redsell









Miss Redsell


Mr Lennon









Mr Biggenden


Miss Rolf









Mrs J.Duckett


Mr Biggenden









Mr Lennon

Learning Co-ordinator:


Y12 - Miss Smith

Y13 - Mr Simmons


Throughout the year, there are competitions held between the houses. Inter house competitions bring together the students of the school in a fun and competitive way, providing them with an opportunity to show their varied talents. For 2018-19, the whole school competitions planed include Photography, Maths Challenge, Spelling Bee, The Big Quiz and Alternative Olympics.

The house prefects work with the Heads of House and Heads of Department to organise charity fund raising events, sports events, and departmental inter-house competitions throughout the year.

Please see each individual house page for further information.

The Five Houses

ASH HOUSE Led by Mrs J.Duckett


In Ash House we value achievement through hard work, fearless ambition and strive to reach our full potential. Pride and harmony are our qualities in Ash House where we support one another and celebrate our successes as well as learn from failure; we aim to create a strong sense of community and belonging.

Together, we aim to develop all students in Ash House and provide a platform to flourish, whether it is through sporting achievements, creativity, social or academic pursuits and activities. In order to develop we must all support each other, encourage participation and competition in preparation for the ever increasingly competitive life we will all encounter in our adult lives after WGSG.

As a House we show strength and teamwork and our colour red symbolises energy, passion and determination. Ash House aims to encourage and empower individuals to take on new challenges and improve existing skills.

This shared vision binds all members of our House community together. It promotes a culture of respect, trust and confidence where members can take chances, develop their skills and have no fear of failure.


BEECH HOUSE Led by Miss Redsell


The Beech House motto is that ‘in order to succeed we need to believe’.  This was devised by one of our year 8 students and really represents the ethos of the House.  Having a positive and open mindset in order to make the most of every opportunity is what we value in our House.

As a community we are here to support one another in all aspects of school life and to encourage each other to excel whether this be in the classroom, on the sports field or on the stage. The Beech tree itself is found in all corners of the world and if given the right conditions will thrive and grow strong.  Our vision is for pupils from Beech House to flourish during their time at WGSG so that they can go out into the wider community with the resilience and determination required to succeed in all aspects of their future lives.

Another key characteristic of Beech House, which is reflected in our House colour, is our optimism and sunny disposition.   It is this positive outlook which unites us and gives us a common identity.





The green of Chestnut House represents many of the values that our House stands for. It is the colour of growth and vitality which references the personal and intellectual development of our students. This is achieved through mutual support, guidance and nurturing from all students and staff which reflect the safety and harmony of a ‘green’ environment.

Chestnut House promotes personal growth by encouraging a mindset where we take risks and stretch our abilities; to strive for ‘personal bests’. But it is not a community that expects people to take these journeys alone; it is an inclusive community in which everyone is encouraged to contribute and we all celebrate the successes that follow.

Chestnut House values personal relationships and encourages these across the student body and faculty members. Mutual respect, understanding and compassion underpin all interactions in an environment that is stimulating, good-humoured, ambitious and full of hardwork.



HAZEL HOUSE Led by Miss Rolf


Hazel House has an individual identity built upon the core values of the whole school.  We are a community that reflects individuality and encourages development of confidence and curiosity through participation and involvement. 

Our community is one that strives for independent success where potential is reached through team support.  We do not fear failure and through creativity and risk taking we relish the opportunity to take up new challenges in pursuit of excellence.

The Hazel is the tree of knowledge, which encourages us to develop enquiring minds seeking new information and taking inspiration from the world around us.  Our house colour is blue, which is commonly associated with trust, harmony, intelligence and strength.

This shared vision ensures a common identity for Hazel House, which is built upon respect, loyalty and determination.


OAK HOUSE Led by Mr Biggenden


The Oak tree produces one of the hardest and most durable timbers on the planet, even its Latin name, Quercus Robur, means strength. Our House is characterised by this strength and resilience, to overcome difficulties and face all challenges as a community. Our aim is to stimulate ‘healthy’ competition throughout the house with the aim of raising achievement of all our students.

This characteristic of resilience, which underpins our House ethos, will help us to become well-rounded individuals who engage in all learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Our House harnesses the energy, enthusiasm and diversity of our students and creates a sense of belonging for anyone involved in the Oak House community.

‘From small acorns grow mighty Oaks’

Pastoral Support

Wilmington Grammar School for Girls promotes positive moral values in a climate of high expectations and achievement among all the individuals and groups, based on mutual respect. We are committed to working together to celebrate diversity and promote equality.

Pupils exhibit self-control, personal responsibility and self-worth, developed in the classroom and through a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Pupils learn, grow and succeed in an atmosphere of praise and encouragement which promotes a sense of belonging and enjoyment for everyone.  The school is one where all people, students and adults alike, can achieve their full potential regardless of ethnic group, gender, socio-economic background, religion, culture or disability.

Pastoral care is an integral part of the whole educational experience offered to our pupils and is not a distinct entity. It underpins every aspect of the pupils' experience in school, and exists, not for its own sake, but to enable pupils to achieve their potential.

We aim to offer the best possible pastoral care by providing support and guidance for pupils in an environment which is characterised by good relationships, mutual respect and tolerance. 

The Pastoral Care system will provide academic and emotional support and help to promote good discipline and challenge unacceptable behaviour.

The individual guidance and welfare of pupils is provided through a pastoral system as seen in the diagram below.


On entry to the school each pupil is allocated to a form group with a Form Tutor who has daily contact with the pupils and is responsible for dealing with day to day matters, as well as monitoring overall progress and providing educational guidance. All girls undertake a programme of Learning for Life which is designed to help them become more aware of themselves and others, be able to assess their own progress and improve their learning. The L4L programme is planned around the cross-curricular elements of the National Curriculum to develop the emotional and physical health and well-being of students.

Form Tutors are supported by Heads of House and the Deputy Head who works closely with the SENDCO, Head of School, parents, support services and welfare services.

Pupils experiencing difficulties due to health or personal reasons will be given extra support and may have their timetables reduced/amended if required. (See Pupils with Medical Needs Policy.) Monitoring and tracking of pupils takes place throughout the year and is the responsibility of the Head of House. The HoH communicates regularly with parents, the PAD Team and the Deputy Head.

Please see the separate section of Student Support to see more on the support we offer to individual students with identified needs.