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At WGSG we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and supporting the development of our students to achieve their maximum potential in all aspects of life. We recognise that achievement can be measured in many forms and across all disciplines. The Artmark quality principles reflect our values, ethos and vision. Our motto of ‘in pursuit of excellence’ identifies our focus on resilience and character. We are committed to supporting all of our students to have the confidence to accept challenge, embrace change, celebrate diversity and accept that failure is a natural part of learning on the path to success and achievement. We are a community that celebrates success, achievement and effort alongside a belief that the right mindset makes anything possible. The arts are of equal value to all other areas of the curriculum in supporting the hopes and dreams of every student.

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Silver Arts Award

Congratulations to the below students who have achieved the Silver Arts Award, a Level 2 qualification.  The qualification has two units – Unit 1: arts practice and Unit 2: arts leadership. The Silver Award involves achieving an arts challenge, reviewing arts events, researching artists and arts organisations, and delivering an arts leadership project.

The students worked individually for their challenge improving their creative skills, from song writing to 3d clay portraiture, horse event photography to acrylic painting.

Most students ran a club for their leadership unit – art and ukulele clubs are still running. Some others worked with the visiting artist Clare McEwan to design a banner for the wall outside the Connell wing. They priced and pitched the idea and it may well be an ongoing project to celebrate the 60th year of WGSG next year.

All students worked incredibly hard and demonstrated great creative innovation, dedication and maturity – well done to you all.  Laura B, Eloise H, Ella R, Sidney O Cristiana W of 10C, of Damilola O of 10B, Aayesako A of 9C, Jasmine B, Verity S, Charlotte H of 9A, Odie-Grace U, Maia Z, Isabelle S of 9B, Charlotte H 9H, Rubie L, Mica M of 9O. 

Bronze Arts Award

Congratulations to the Year 9 students who have successfully passed their Bronze Arts Award. 

9C – Amber, Eloise, Ellener, Freya, Claudia, Charlotte, Christiana, Sam, Laura, Zara.  9A – Jessica.  9B – Damilola, Hannah

The girls worked at lunchtime, after school and in their own time to improve their skills in an art form by attending clubs; for example some of them designed and painted a mural in the changing rooms, others recorded songs and played in the guitar club. They went to an event of their choice and reviewed it. The girls went to a range of events from concerts, theatre trips to cinema and art exhibitions. They also shared a skill by teaching others and researched the career of an inspirational artist.

Their evidence folders reflect their journey and show just how independent and individual the girls at WGSG are. The moderator commented that the girls have made a real personal investment in their Bronze arts award.


'Trash to Treasure' Project & Gallery

Our Art Department welcomed local artist Wendy Smith into the school to work with a selected group of students in year 9 as part of the Artsmark project on the theme of ‘Trash to Treasure’. This has been funded and organised by the Arts Council Bridge Organisation and Dartford Council as part of the Dartford Artsmark town.

This week they had two mornings to produce sculpture and installation pieces working with collected scrap materials. They worked in groups to generate ideas concerning the concepts of trash and effects on our world. The work included junk flowers, a turtle and a junk character entitled, ”you are what you eat”. Another sculpture was a textural 3D world and a contrasting sculpture of birds flying around a world. Others had a more abstract concept of the nature of trash including bottles filled with junk to be suspended and decaying branches with fabric draped from them. The girls responded in really thoughtful and creative ways and worked hard to complete their work within the time available.

On previous occasions they have developed drawing skills focussing on bold marker pen drawings of discarded junk items and Gelli printing  - again using rubbish. This artwork will contribute to designs to go on dustbin lorries around Dartford.

There will be an exhibition of the work in the spring next year in Dartford by all the contributing schools.








As part of our Artsmark Award project students from WGSG collaborated with other local schools to create the new design for Dartford Borough Council Refuse Truck.  Our students contributed gelli printing which has become the sky together with graphic line drawings of discarded objects and rubbish which were used for the impactful black and white Dartford town design.  The truck has now been launched so keep an eye out for it around Dartford Town.

School Song

We were delighted when our school song, Unity was selected from very strong competition to be performed live at the SSAT National Conference in Birmingham last December. This is an extremely important event in the education calendar with national prominence and international representation.  Very special congratulations go to Victoria, Marvel, Emily, Joyce, Danielle and Pelumi who were responsible for composing, recording and performing this wonderful song.

The audience feedback was overwhelming with comments including “I could listen to these brilliant girls all day” and “a beautiful performance with a message that resonates with the conference’s theme & leadership”.  We couldn’t have been more proud of them! 

Pictured, the group at the recording studio and performing at the event in Birmingham

To see their performance please click below

PE Department Mural

The Changing rooms are having a mural painted by a creative group of year 9 students doing their Bronze Arts Award. The girls have consulted with the PE staff to design a mural to celebrate sports and cheer up the changing rooms. They started painting on Monday, and after another couple of hours after school on Wednesday have virtually completed one wall already. The design of silhouettes of sporting figures will continue around other walls in the changing room. The bright and pastel colours are to suggest movement and give a lively mood.

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