GCSE Options

Information on the GCSE option progress can be found by watching the following Video Presentation:

The GCSE Options Booklet can be found by clicking the below image:

Options booklet

Teachers will be speaking to students in their lessons regarding the GCSE course for their subjects. There are also video presentations for two subjects which are new at GCSE.

GCSE Business presentation:


GCSE Sociology Presentation:

If students would like to get more guidance regarding Careers and which courses may be relevant to potential careers we recommend the following websites:

Fast TomatoicouldThe Student Room

Or please contact Mrs Martin (Careers Advisor) dmartin@wgsg.co.uk

Course choices are made by the SIMS Parent App – Full details can be found in the GCSE Options booklet above.

  • Deadline student submission – Monday 8th February

click here to make your subject choices

  • Deadline for parent confirmation –  Friday 12th February

Click here for details of the SIMS Parent App

Question and Answer Session

We appreciate you may have lots of questions about this process and in order to provide an opportunity to answer these we are scheduling Question and Answer sessions for each form group next week:

  • 11R – 6pm Monday, 25th January
  • 11E – 6pm Tuesday, 26th January
  • 11A – 6pm Wednesday ,27th January
  • 11C – 6pm Thursday, 28th January
  • 11H – 6pm Friday, 29th January

Invitations to these meetings will be sent to students via TEAMS. However, these meeting are open for parents and students to attend.