WGSG Mindset

At Wilmington Grammar School for Girls we encourage our students to embrace challenges, to learn from mistakes and develop the resilience to seek continual improvement. Our motto, 'in pursuit of excellence' acknowledges that we are all, at all times, 'work-in-progress', striving for continuous improvement.  This growth approach leads to a happy and fulfilling school life and a willingness to accept change. It nurtures learners who value critique, support each other and feel empowered to drive their own learning. What better way is there to simultaneously help prepare our children to prosper in an ever-changing world?

Students in Year 7 take part in our Epistemic Insight Project as part of their WGSG Mindset lessons.   Epistemic Insight engages students’ intellectual curiosity and develops their cross-disciplinary understanding allowing them to make connections within their learning, building up as they move through school, university and beyond.  Students are encouraged to ask, and to form their own conclusions to, a number of ‘Big Questions’ including; is it nature or nurture that makes us human? and can robots be human?  Helping students gain Epistemic Insight ensures they can access a range of ways to understand the relationships between areas of knowledge across the curriculum and to develop their appreciation and understanding of the power and limitations of science in real world contexts.

Our Mindset Programme prepares students to be valuable members of the global community and to develop the right approach to learning. We expect all of our students to be reflective, resilient, resourceful, respectful and responsible. Our students value diversity and support one another through challenges.

We hope that all of our students will inspire others through their strong values and committed work ethic.

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