Our vision and values

In Pursuit of Excellence is the school motto and this conveys our school vision:

We aim to encourage everyone within our community to pursue excellence and set their sights extremely high.  We recognise however, that we are all developing at every stage of our life and that there will always be new challenges and opportunities on the horizon. The markers of excellence along the way come in many guises, be that academic success, sporting success, musical success or relationship success.

At the heart of our community is the desire to nurture a passion for learning and help our students to secure successful futures through providing an inspirational, challenging and nurturing learning environment where everyone is valued equally.

We help our girls to graduate from WGSG with essential qualities such as independence, resilience, tenacity and creativity and provide an environment where success is celebrated and where students are at the centre of the decisions we make.

Our core values are based on:

Respect and Resilience




Honesty and Integrity