Staff organisation chart

Senior Leadership Team
Mr C Guthrie CEO - Endeavour MAT
Mrs M Lawson Head Teacher
Mr D Fuller Deputy Head Teacher 
Mrs M Dhaliwal Assistant Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning & Head of Singh House
Mr R Atkins Assistant Head Teacher - Head of WG6 & Head of Hepworth House
Mrs S Munden Assistant Head Teacher - Behaviour, Safeguarding Lead, Wellbeing & Head of Bader House
Miss M Dooley Associate Assistant Head Teacher - Operations & Extra Curricular & Head of Franklin House
Mr J Dufton Associate Assistant Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning & Head of MFL
Mr S Biggenden Senior Head of Year - Member of SLT and Teacher of History
Mrs A Brushett

School Business Manager

Art Department
Ms J Cregan Head of Art
Mrs T O'Donnell Teacher of Art & Head of Year 11 
Computer Science Department
Mr C Green Head of Computer Science
TBC Teacher of Computer Science
Design Technology Department
Miss C Armstrong Head of Technology
Mrs E Fuller Teacher of Technology (Food & Nutrition)
Miss F Armellino Teacher of Technology
Mrs S Baillie Teacher of Technology & SENCO
English  & Drama Department
Mr J Clayton Head of English
Miss G Cullingham Head of Drama and Teacher of PE
Mr C Preston Second in charge - Teacher of English 
Mrs P Newark Teacher of English
Ms B Mead Teacher of English
Mrs K McKenna Teacher of English
Mrs L Sloane Teacher of English
Geography Department
Mrs K Barclay Head of Geography
Mr G Simmons Teacher of Geography
Mrs L Drew Teacher of Geography
History, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Department
Mr F Lennon Head of History
Mr S Biggenden Teacher of History
Mr R Atkins Teacher of History
Ms M Clark Head of Religious Studies, Philosophy & Ethics
Ms K Oseni Teacher of Religous Studies
Miss J Slade Teacher of Religious Studies
Mathematics/Business Studies
Mr N Harrison Head of Mathematics
Mrs L Atkins KS5 Lead - Teacher of Mathematics 
Mrs F Maycock KS3 Lead - Teacher of Mathematics 
Miss M Dooley Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs L Anane Teacher of Mathematics
Ms S Bocus Teacher of Mathematics 
Miss M Boyce Teacher of Mathematics 
Mrs K Soulika Teacher of Mathematics
Dr P Suman Teacher of Mathematics 
Mr I Gorea Teacher of Business Studies & Finance
Mr A Ramic Teacher of Business Studies & Finance
MFL Department
Mr J Dufton Head of MFL
Mrs A Rubbera Second in charge - Teacher of MFL
Mr N Birch Teacher of MFL French & Spanish
Mrs J Cai Teacher of MFL - Mandarin
Miss F DiLauro Teacher of MFL
Mrs C Pickstone Teacher of MFL 
Miss E Serra Teacher of MFL
Music Department
Mrs A Dent    Head of Music 
PE Department
Mrs L Iles Head of Physical Education Department
Mrs G Selfe Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs H Shooman-Taylor Teacher of Physical Education
Miss G Cullingham Teacher of Physical Education (Head of Drama)
Miss E Skrine Teacher of Physical Education & Head of Year 7
Science Department
Mr Barnes Head of Science
Dr R Nisi Head of Physics
Mrs S Pinder Head of Forensics - Teacher of Science
Mr S Munden Teacher of Science
Mrs I Ahmad Teacher of Science
Mrs M Benn Teacher of Science
Mrs L Bryant  Teacher of Science
Mrs N Carwithen  Teacher of Science
Miss G Mbu Teacher of Science
Dr K Newson Teacher of Science
Dr G Novikova Teacher of Science
Ms B Santarossa Teacher of Science
Social Sciences Department
Mr J Alexander Teacher of Sociology and Law
Miss J Smith Teacher of Psychology and Deputy Head of WG6
Mrs M Develeski Teacher of Sociology
Support Staff
Mrs N Rana Head Teacher's P.A. & Office Manager
Mrs J Price Exams Officer & Data Manager
Mrs P Addanki Attendance Officer
Mrs L Cowey Administration Assistant 
Mrs J Bassett Admissions Officer & Exams Assistant
Mrs K Russell Receptionist (AM)
Miss S Mullins Receptionist (PM)
Miss G Wellcoat Marketing and Communications Officer
Mrs D Martin Careers & Work Experience Officer
TBC Librarian
Mrs C Pike Safeguarding & Pupil Premium Manager
Mrs E Smith Pastoral and Wellbeing Manager SEN
Mrs J Robertson Pastoral and Wellbeing Manager SEN
Mrs R Martin WGS Administrator
Mrs L Hatton Pastoral and Wellbeing Manager Year 7
Miss G McKay Pastoral and Wellbeing Manager Year 8 & 9 
Ms H Gaines Pastoral and Wellbeing Manager 10 & 11
Mrs S Wheatley Student Support WG6 (WGSG site)
TBC Medical Teaching Assistant
Mr C Willis School IT Manager
Mr D Smith IT Technician
Miss R Holden Senior Science Technician
Mrs H Lloyd Science Technician
Miss T Jarvis Science Technician
Mrs L Waite Science Technician
Mrs O Bukoye Food Technician
Mrs S Daniels Art & DT Technician
Mr G Richards Head of Premises & Estates
Mr S Good Premises Manager
Mr R Booker Assistant Premises Manager
Mr B Woodbridge Assistant Premises Manager
Ms E Russell Cover Supervisor
Mrs R Sharma

Cover Supervisor