Staff organisation chart

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs D Lodge; BA (Hons), MPhil, NPQH, NPQEL

CEO - Endeavour MAT

Mrs M Lawson; BA (Hons), MA London, NPQH

Head Teacher

Mr D Marchant; BA (Hons), Kent

Deputy Head Teacher & English Lead

Mrs G Tiddy; BSc (Hons) Southampton

Assistant Head (Director 6th Form)

Mrs J Byham; BSc (Hons) Canterbury Christchurch

Assistant Head - Teaching, Learning and CPD - MAT Leave

Mrs M Dhaliwal; BA (Hons) Essex Assistant Head - Teaching, Learning and CPD - MAT Cover

Mrs J Leamon; BEd (Hons) Greenwich, Cert. Ed Kingston

Assistant Head - Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Mr P Anderson; BSc (Hons) Southampton, MSc Imperial College London, MBA London Business School;

Executive School Business Manager

Art Department

Ms J Cregan; BEd (Hons), MA London

Head of Art

Ms J Hellen; BA (Hons) Falmouth

Art Department

Mrs T O'Donnell; BA (Hons) University of Kent

Art Department

Design Technology Department

Mrs S Baillie; BSc (Hons) Brighton, MA Canterbury (Mat Leave)

Head of Technology

Mrs L Dobson BSc (Hons) Surrey

Technology Department

Mrs L Patla

Technology Department

Mrs J Schweitzer; BSc (Hons) University of Brighton

Technology Department

English Department

Mrs A Dhothar; BA (Hons) East London

English Department

Mrs R J.Duckett; BSc (Hons) Manchester

Head of Year 10 & Ash House

Mrs K McKenna; BA (Hons) Leeds

English Department

Mrs L Sloane; BA (Hons) Essex

Head of Year 7 & Hazel House

Mrs M Solan; MA (Hons) Poland

English Department

Ms L Wakeling; BA (Hons) Kent

English Department

Dr K Wilkinson; BA (Hons), D.Phil Manchester

English Department

Geography Department

Mr G Simmons; BSc (Hons) Swansea, MA London

Head of Geography

Miss N Redsell; BSc (Hons) London

Geography Department Head of Year 8 & Beech House 

Mr S Roles; BEd (Hons) London

Geography Department

History, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Department

Mr R Atkins; BA (Hons) Southampton

Head of Humanities

Mr S Biggenden; BA (Hons) Kent

Head of Year 9 & Oak House

Miss S Jones; BA (Hons) Kent

Religious Studies

Mr F Lennon; BA (Hons) Open University

Head of Year 11 & Chestnut House

Mathematics/Computer Science/Business Studies

Miss M Dooley; BSc Aberystwyth

Head of Mathematics

Mrs L Atkins; BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Computer Science, Kent

Mathematics Department

Ms S Bocus; BSc (Hons) Greenwich

Mathematics Department

Miss M Boyce (Hons) Maynooth,Kildare, Ireland

Mathematics Department

Mr N Harrison; BSc ( Hons) Essex

Mathematics Department

Ms S Cherry; BA Greenwich

Computer Science Department

Mrs P Kerali; MSc (Hons) Newcastle

Business Studies, Economics & Finance

Mrs F Maycock; BSc, MSc Chichester

Mathematics Department

Mr C Green; BSc (Hons) Computing with Games

Computer Science Department

Mrs S Smith; BA (Hons) Greenwich

Business Studies & Finance

Dr P Suman; BSc (Hons), PhD Imperial College, London

Mathematics Department

MFL Department

Mr J Dufton; MA Oxford

Head of Modern Foreign Language

Mrs J Cai; MA Nottingham University

Modern Foreign Language Department - Mandarin

Mrs I Cantos-Morena; BA (Hons)

Modern Foreign Language Department

Mr R Chenu; BA (Hons)

Modern Foreign Language Department

Ms S Chung; BA (Hons)

Modern Foreign Language Department - Mandarin

Mrs S Mattheus; BA (Hons) Aberystwyth

Modern Foreign Language Department

Mrs J O'Neil; BA (Hons) Canterbury

SENDCo - Modern Foreign Language Department

Miss E Serra; BA (Hons) Turin University

Modern Foreign Language Department

Music Department

Mrs A Dent; BA (Hons) Oxford Brookes

Head of Music

Mr C Palmer; BA (Hons) Open University. DipEd

Music Department

PE Department

Mrs J Gower; BSc (Hons) Liverpool

Head of Physical Education Department

Miss G Head; BSc (Hons) Brunel

Physical Education Department 

Mrs L Iles; BA (Hons) Liverpool

Physical Education Department

Science Department

Mrs S Munden; BSc (Hons) Aston

Head of Science

Mr F Barnes; BSc (Hons) London

Science Department, i/c KS5

Mrs L Bryant BSc (Hons) London

Science Department

Mrs N Carwithen; BSc (Hons) Plymouth

Science Department

Mr C Dawson; BSc (Hons) Southampton

Science Department

Miss G Mbu; BSc (Hons) Dundee

Science Department

Dr K Newson; BSc (Hons); PhD London

Science Department, i/c KS3

Miss S Rolf; BSc (Hons) Reading

Science Department (Head Y7 & Hazel House - mat cover)

Mr T Smalley; BSc (Hons) Plymouth

Science Department

Social Sciences Department

Miss J Smith; BSc (Hons) Essex

Psychology Department

Mrs M Develeski; BA (Hons) Kingston, London

Sociology Department

Support Staff

Mrs M Bexley

Headteacher's P.A. & Office Manager

Mrs J Price

Director of Data & Information

Mrs J Price

Exams Officer

Mrs D Carey

Attendance Officer

Mrs T Russell

Administrative Assistant –Student Data and Cover Manager

Mrs N Rana

Administrative Assistant - Admissions

Mrs E Clark

Receptionist (AM)

Miss S Mullins

Receptionist (PM)

Miss G Wellcoat

Media and Communications Officer

Mrs C Godwin

Finance Officer

Mrs N Porter

Trust Finance & Governance Officer

Mrs A Halstead

WG6 Administrator

Mrs D Martin

Careers & Work Experience Officer

Mrs I Black

Librarian (Mat Leave)

Mrs S Spall

Learning Mentor

Mrs C Pike

Learning Mentor

Mr C Willis

ICT Technician

Mr D Carter

ICT Technician

Miss R Holden

Senior Science Technician

Mrs C Haycock

Science Technician

Mrs H Lloyd

Science Technician

Mrs E Hurtt

Science Technician

Mrs C Stanley

Senior Technology Technician

Mrs J Bonner

Art and Textiles Technology Technician

Mr C Gosney

Head of Premises & Estates

Mr T Friar

Premises Manager

Mr D Miller 

Assistant Premises Manager

Mrs J Bingham

Midday Supervisor

Ms T Bingham

Midday Supervisor

Ms S Eastwood

Midday Supervisor

Ms K Wells

Midday Supervisor