Curriculum Overview

Due to the Government changes to the curriculum please see the current plan for the curriculum from academic year 2017/18.

Key Stage 3

Students study a broad range of subjects in Years 7 & 8

Art Geography Mathematics Physics
Biology History MFL x 2 RS
Chemistry ICT/Computer Science Music Technology
English PE Learning for Life Wilmington Mindset Y7 only
Enterprise & Finance    

All students study 2 Modern Foreign Languages in Years 7,8 and 9.  They continue with at least 1 language to GCSE level.

French is studied by all students in Years 7-9.  Mandarin is studied in Year 7.  Students may continue to study Mandarin in Years 8 & 9 or change to Spanish from Year 8.

Approximately 30 students in each cohort will have the opportunity to join the Mandarin Excellence Programme.  This group will have 2 one hour twilight sessions in addition to the normal Mandarin classes plus extra homework, enabling them to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture.  They will be expected to take a GCSE within 3 years.

Key Stage 4

During Years 9, 10 and 11 students study both GCSE subjects plus a range of enrichment courses designed to broaden their KS4 experience.

In Year 9, students begin their GCSE courses in English, Mathematics, Science and RS and a bridging course from KS3 to KS4 in all other subjects. 

In Year 10, students begin their GCSE courses in their other selected subjects.  This will include at least one language chosen from French, Spanish or Mandarin, at least one Humanity from Geography or History and two further choices from the following:

Art Geography History
ICT Music Performing Arts
PE Food Tech DEC (Design, Engineer, Construct)
Textiles Computing 2nd Modern Foreign Language

Year 11 students complete their GCSE subjects.  All students will study a minimum of 10 GCSE's

Key stage 5

Subjects are available on the WG6 website here