Extra Curricular & Enrichment Opportunities

We are very proud of the additional opportunities our students have available across the academic year and encourage students to participate in sporting activities, residentail trips, creative and cultural opportunities, team building and personal challenge activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

WGSG offers students a number of clubs and societies to develop skills and gain experiences outside of the normal curriculum.  There is a great breadth of extra-curriculum subjects offered by WGSG teaching staff or via visiting personnel.  Additionally, staff schedule regular revision sessions for those nearing exams.  Further activities will be added as they become available.

Additional documents on specific activities can be downloaded from the left hand column.

Our WG6 Electives booklet showing the breadth and range of opportunities available to our sixth form can be read by clicking here


  Mon Tues Weds Thur Fri

Y7 Netball (week 2)

Science Club (Alternate weeks)

Homework Club in G7

Maths Club WG6 A Level G7

Art Club Y7

KS3 Film Club

KS3 Debate Club

Guitar lessons for beginners (fee will apply)

Maths Club GCSE G7

Spanish support GCSE

Trampolining KS3&4 (week 1)

Football Y7-9 (week 2)

KS3 Creative Writing Club

Historical Society in F1

Library open to Y7 only

History Revision Lectures GCSE

Pride Union 

Bronze Art Award Y8

Basketball Y10&11 (week 1)

PE GCSE & A Level catch-up Club

Cheerleading Y8-9 (week 2)

Volleyball Y10-11 (week 2)

KS4 Film Club

KS3 'Glee Club' CG3



The WG6 Medical Society

WG6 Maths Club in F4

RS A Level revision club (Boys' site)

Maths Club GCSE G7

Spanish support GCSE

KS4 Book Club

GCSE English Enrichment


Y7-9 Fitness (week 2)

Football Y10&11

A Level English clinic (M2)

Homework Club in G7

KS4 Debate Club

After School

Business & Economics Support Club WG6 (Boys' site)

Art Club Y9

WG6 Basketball

Y10-Y13 Fitness (week 1)

Business & Economics Support Club WG6 (Boys' site)

Badminton Y7-11 (week 2)

Netball Y8-11 


Y7-9 Badminton


Maths Club WG6 (Boys' site)

Psychology A Level revision  MB1

A Level English Enrichment (week 2)





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