Wilmington Mindset

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Having a Wilmington Mindset is an expectation of everyone at WGSG. Students in Year 7 engage in a specific course to support the establishment of the mindset.

Having a  Wilmington Mindset means that Year 7 students embrace the concept that learning effectively should be challenging, require constant reflection and a commitment to improve work at every opportunity. The learning aims to nurture an independent approach where resilience, problem solving and critical evaluation are central. 

The structure examines themes connected with Global Learning as we help to prepare our students for an ever-changing world through core teaching and learning principles. 

Students will conduct a process of enquiry, source selection/critique, planning and reflection before completing a response to a challenging question within each topic. The main outcomes are to develop high-order thinking skills, maintain a passion for learning and a tenacity to deepen and broaden understanding across and outside the curriculum. This is time to think about thinking and explore relevant issues that affect our planet and people.

This bespoke course supports the our commitment to the Global Learning Programme


Year 7

Students engage with high-order thinking processes to shape, create, critique, respond and reflect.

  • Diverse World

  • Moving World

  • Shrinking World

  • Changing Planet

  • Positive Planet

  • Our Planet


Students are assessed continually throughour the sequences of learning. This assessment could be self, peer, teacher or a combination. The topics are tightly organised into a structure of six lessons. Students refine their understanding throughout the lessons in preparation to respond to a high order question or hypothesis requiring analysis and evaluation. The process involves critiquing source material, planning an answer, refining and then creating a final response under timed conditions. This structure is designed to develop specific habits of learning and techniques in preparation for exam performance in future years.