Blog week ending 10th November

Posted on: 10/11/2017

We had a very successful trip to Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury to see Mozart's opera Cosi fan Tutti. The opera was enjoyed by all with the public commenting on what an asset our girls are. Many thanks to Miss Smith and Mrs Maycock for coming along to make the trip possible.

Year 7 Science students enjoyed a most interactive lesson answering the question, do atoms have the same properties as elements?  In groups, students acted as a new hypothetical element called ‘human being’ with each student representing an atom of this element.  As you can see, it was a very successful exercise!


Year 9 students spent a practical lesson on the topic of ‘The Chemistry of Food’.  The lesson was a ‘required practical’. Each science at GCSE has 10 required practicals across the syllabus which the students can be asked about in their year 11 exams.  For this lesson students tested and observed the outcome of a variety of food samples; testing for lipid, protein, sugar and starch.  The test for sugar required using benedicts solution which turns from blue to brick red if it detects the presence of sugar.  Then, Yellow Iodine for starch, which if detected turns the solution turns dark blue/black.  The presence of lipid in the sample resulted in the solution becoming cloudy and students observed that the protein sample turned from blue to purple.


Our Artist of the month is Karis of Y13.  Karis’s featured work is a very powerful set of images including one painted directly onto a shattered mirror.  The focus of Karis’s personal investigation is ‘Conflict’.

Lots of Spooky fun and fiendish games were had at our recent Halloween Y7 Sleep Over  … but not the greatest amount of sleep!  The event was run by the WG6 students travelling to Thailand in February.