Blog week ending 4th May

Posted on: 04/05/2018

Sixty-five students spent a weekend at the Swattenden Centre perfecting their first aid, navigation, cooking, menu planning and route planning skills to be able to complete their expedition independently as a group.  For some, being away from home was exciting, for others, being so far away from a major town was challenging.  I am sure the trainers will not forget the question asked whilst out walking on Sunday morning: “Is this mud?”.  Every single student learnt something from the weekend, and for this reason, I would like to congratulate each of them for not giving up.  Freya from Group 15, gives her take on the weekend:

On the 28th of April me and some of my friends went on our first ever Duke of Edinburgh trip. On the whole we bonded well over the weekend whilst still enjoying ourselves. It could be described as; exciting, rainy, yet tiresome. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side so we had to experience the 'fun' activities in the drizzling weather.  This includes putting up a tent, learning the essentials of first aid and orientation. So far we were on the right track navigating our way through the green woods until we came to the realisation we had travelled to far and so had to walk back through two muddy fields to find the footpath. Despite the damp weather the trip was still light hearted and entertaining as I'm sure the rest of my team will agree. 

A group of Y7 & 8 students from both WGSG and WGSB attended the hit musical “School of Rock”.  The students (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed the show and as usual, all students behaved impeccably throughout.

Miss Rolf of the Science Department is leading a group of Year 7 Eco Warriors who are taking part in the ‘Great Plastic Pick Up Scheme. Whilst the scheme is being spearheaded by Y7 – all year groups are welcome to take part.

Student Eco Warriors are preparing a presentation to present in form time next week.  It will include;

  • The effect that plastic is having on our planet (particularly the sea life)
  • Why plastic is a problem
  • Alternatives to plastic
  • Explanation of the great plastic pick up and the competitions we are doing in school.

The warriors decided on 3 competitions all to take place over 11th-13th May:

  1. The best artistic model created from recycled plastic – to be judged on the 14th May
  2. The form that has the most participants in the great plastic pick up over the weekend (12th -13th May) – they should take a photo of them participating in the great plastic pick up and upload onto twitter if possible – make sure you tag the school @WilmingtonGSG  and use #greatplasticpickup. If anyone at home has a Twitter account please ask then to upload a photo on your behalf.
  3. The form that collects the most plastic at lunchtime on the 11th.

Good luck!

The brilliant author, journalist and feminist Louise O’Neill visited WGSG to talk with our Y9 & 10 students.  Her latest book, The Surface Breaks is a re-imagining of the The Little Mermaid.  Her earlier novels have won numerous awards and accolade and the TV and film rights have been sold for both of her novels Only Ever Yours, and Asking for It.  Louise spent time with our students, inspiring them in their studies and reading, answering questions and signing books.