Blog week ending 19th December

Posted on: 18/12/2018

This term is my favourite of the school year.  We have enjoyed fantastic academic results in the recent public examinations as well as celebrating endeavour and achievement through our whole school Celebration Assemblies.   Christmas brings many an opportunity for students to showcase their many musical and acting talents with carol concerts, special lessons and form group productions.  The Christmas Concert where our students performed with students from the Boy's school was a particular delight.  We hope you all enjoy a relaxing festive break with friends and family and will welcome students back on Friday 4th January.

Mrs Dobson and Mrs Stanley staged a special Christmas Food Tech competiton.  Students baked and decorated a Christmas cake to their own bespoke design.  The finished cakes all looked incredibly professional with great tasting cakes and well-executed decoration.  Congratulations to the winners;

1st Keely King

2nd Esme Hodgson

3rd Macy Quinn


7O have been studying compounds, molecules and atoms. Students had the opportunity to get hands on observation experience as they learnt how molecules and compounds react with one another to form new compounds and, in some cases, release energy. We used methane combustion as our example and the results were explosive!


In Key Stage 3 we deliver a Creative Unit in PE. 7O have been the first group to complete the Dance unit using Michael Jacksons Thriller. The emphasis was on character, facial expression and gestures. The girls thoroughly enjoyed getting in to the roles of either a Zombie or Victim. They started off in their chosen roles in a duet, worked towards a whole class motif in unison and then moved to groups of 4-6 to develop their choreography. The creative flair and enthusiasm that the girls displayed was outstanding, they supported each other’s strengths and weaknesses and motivated one another. Well done ladies.