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Posted on: 21/05/2021

Screen shot 2020 07 17 at 085005On Wednesday we celebrated with our Year 11 students as we shared a special day, their last day of Y11!  Mr Lennon, Head of Year 11, and the rest of our staff planned a picnic (thank goodness the weather was with us!) and a wonderful shared assembly to mark their careers at WGSG and to look forward to their futures at WG6 and beyond.  This cohort have been sensational students and ambassadors for the lower years in what has been a year like no other.  We all wish you a relaxing summer and look forward to welcoming you to WG6 in September!

Please join me in thanking our PFA for dressing the hall so beautifully, it really did add to the sense of celebration!





Our Year 7s together with staff provided a ‘guard of honour’ for our Y11 students, clapping and cheering and waving their original 2016 Year 7 photos!  It was a fun and uplifting send-off for our students!






Mrs McKenna penned the below poem as a tribute to her GCSE English students.

And now for the class of 2016,

The time has come to say goodbye.

It’s been an emotional two years

So I’m sure at the end of the day, I’ll have a little cry.

We’ve been through a pandemic, a global lockdown and managed to survive.

Our English skills, I’d like to say, have particularly thrived.

Astera, Holly, Chloe and Mae

Emily, Jennifer, Beth, what can I say?

Sasha, Ariela, Emma and Uma,

Elys, Favour, you’re all super!

Alecia, Simrat, Katie and Lucy – not forgetting Amy Alexandra and Ellie.

Mia, Lilly, Shalome and Eve,

Scarlett, Beth – the best class so far, I believe.

I wish you so much luck and will say it’s been a pleasure. 

Many memories of you all I shall treasure.

So, remember in future, some advice from me:

Try your best, be kind and find good in all you see!

Mrs McKenna

Mr Simmons Year 7 Geographers are learning Ordnance Survey Mapping skills to use and interpret maps.  In this lesson students took part in a quick-fire compass directions Q&A.  Mr Simmons is full of praise for his students remarking that despite the prolonged period of lockdown students are fully engaged and excelling in their studies.  His view is that learning should be fun .. and these photographs certainly demonstrate a high level of engagement and plenty of fun!




Mrs O’Donnell’s Year 10 Artists have explored the theme of 'fractured forms' through development of their acrylic painting skills.  Students have been researching the work of various artists including Tai Shan Shierenberg, Jonathon Yeo and Francoise Nielly, before creating their own piece using the same technique as the artist.  Applying paint with a palette knife is an extremely tricky technique, but the students have made it look straight forward!




Within our Science Department, student learning is supported by our excellent Science Technicians.  Our Technicians bring a wealth of industry experience and first-hand knowledge of the application of science within businesses and research.  Our technicians prepare and support practical lessons, providing hands-on support and guidance to students in our science lab classrooms.

G19Miss Holden, Senior Technician.  I have worked within science for my entire career holding a variety of exciting roles across several disciplines.  My work in diagnostic science included technical support, manufacture and Quality Assurance of medical screening products.  I have managed a category 3 facility used to handle Hepatitis and HIV blood products, experience that ensured our school covid testing centre was run to laboratory standards and efficiency!  Science has provided me with a rich and fulfilling career as well as providing opportunities for international travel and collaboration.  In my role at WGSG I support our Science Teachers as we teach and inspire students to make their own scientific discoveries! 

G20Mrs Haycock, Science Technician.  For many years I worked for the NHS as a senior nurse running a hospital psychiatric ward drawing on psychosocial and biophysical sciences to provide care. The treatments we offered patients included delivering a range of therapies as well as gaining a thorough understanding of personal medications, and monitoring of their effects.  My work was incredibly rewarding, and certainly no two days were the same.  Many of our students here at WGSG have an interest in pursuing a career in medicine and I enjoy working with them as they develop in their studies and hopes for the future.

G21Mrs Lloyd, Science Technician.  For many years I worked in microbiology within the dairy industry where I was involved in the culturing of milk products which was used as a diagnostic method in our product research.  At WGSG I prepare and assist in practical lessons, helping our students as they explore the topics first hand.



We were extremely sorry to learn that Gabriella S of 9A recently lost a close friend, an 11 year old boy to a rare brain cancer (DIPG). Before he passed away, he had created a logo, and his vision was to put this logo onto merchandise and create a company. In Benjamin’s honour, his 14 year old sister is making that dream a reality. She has created this website  and is making the products and selling them and ALL profits are going to two very special charities, to raise awareness and funds to try and fight this awful disease.

In honour of DIPG awareness day (17th May), Gabriella created these pieces of digital art and a piece of her digital art also features on the website. 


Safeguarding issues - Does your daughter or son play Roblox? For many parents Roblox will appear to be a very positive problem-solving game that can be different to the traditional gaming. However, a number of serious safeguarding issues have recently arisen.

It is essential you know who your son or daughter is playing with on any online gaming. Often young people meet other gamers and form groups. These may take the form of WhatsApp chat groups. Young people are not aware of who they are chatting to and it is clear that this seems to be a route to target young people by people intending to cause harm.  Groups named as organisations e.g. schools, may be misleading as they can often be joined by anyone at all.  Please sit down with your son or daughter this weekend and have an open chat about their device usage. Who are the group chats with? How do they know the people are who they say they are?

If you have any concerns please contact:  WGSG – Mrs Leamon – WGSB – Mrs Hollebon


Years 7, 8 & 9 Examinations have been scheduled for 14th to 18th June.  A full timetable will be issued next week.

Y13 Celebrations.  Today was our students last day at WG6, in next week’s blog we will include details and photos to mark the event.

Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher




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