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Posted on: 08/01/2016

Welcome back to school and Happy New Year to everyone!

What a wonderful way to start the term with the distribution of PPE results to our Year 11 students.  A special breakfast was prepared and students were each given an envelope containing their grades to mirror the actual results day.  Follow up work to calculate Average Point Scores and reflect on revision strategies will hopefully give students the edge when it comes to the real thing.  To celebrate results, many of the girls decided to pay a visit to Bluewater at the end of Tuesday for a pizza.

With the scaffolding finally down and building works signed off on Monday 04/01/16 students enjoyed their first music lesson in the new Connell Wing.

This will be formally opened by Gareth Johnson MP on Monday 18th January.

On Wednesday of this week, we held a Prize Giving ceremony to award GCSE certificates to last Year’s students.  We were delighted to be joined by Dr Fran Pool who developed a passion for maths during her time at WGSG and went on to study for a maths degree, masters and PHD at Reading University.  Dr Pool told us about the fascinating research she is now involved in and explained how useful maths equations are in the medical research she has been conducting.  It was lovely to welcome her back to school, along with the few students who left us for pastures new last year and of course the majority of our students who are now studying for their A Levels with us in WG6.

Before the Christmas holidays, our WG6 council liaised with Oakfield Community Primary school to organise a link day to enable Year 6 students to get a taste of life at a Secondary School and enjoy some amazing lessons.

Mrs Green our WG6 student manager explained, ‘The students talked to the staff at Oakfield Community Primary School and put together a plan that would keep the children engaged and ready to learn for the whole day. In the end this spread to three days as three different sets of students had the chance to visit. As time progressed, more WG6 students became involved in the project and they all worked together to provide an exciting day for the Year 6 students.  Over three Fridays, we welcomed three Year 6 classes.

They enjoyed fantastic lessons, such as Algebra, Chemistry and Geography.

We were very proud of our students for rising to this challenge. We saw first-hand that some of them had the potential to become inspiring teachers in the future and all proved to be excellent Ambassadors for WG6.’

 Pavithra  a WG6 student reported:

‘Teaching chemistry lessons was one of the most enjoyable experiences I had with the students. It was exciting to see how thrilled they were, when they found out that they were going to be carrying out an experiment. For the first and third week, I taught the students about the periodic table and how different elements produced a variety of colours when put in flames. They were then allowed to spray the elements into the flame and check the colour. I loved to see how the children worked as a team and took it in turns to spray. For the second week, I taught students about solids, liquids and gases and how the particles are arranged in each. The students then had a great hands-on experience in making slime. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and drive in the children, which made it even more fun to teach them! I was astounded by the prior knowledge these students had and their intelligence; one of the students even sang the whole periodic table out to me! I am so delighted that I was given this opportunity, as it allowed me to see things from a teachers’ point of view, how hard they work and the effort they put into teaching us.’

One of the Year 6 students in a lab coat, which is a little too big for her!

Word of the week supplied by Mrs Ansell

We all needed to be stoical rising early for school this week, in the awful weather while it is still dark!

Year 12 & 13 Maths students enjoying a challenging Christmas present game called Equate. It is an  equation thinking game which challenges the maths skills of players, giving them points for creating viable equations on the game board and criss-crossing them with the equations of others. Players can also earn higher scores by using division or fraction tiles and by landing on premium board positions.

Just look at that concentration!

Best wishes for a relaxing weekend,

Donna Lodge

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