Blog week ending 30th June

Posted on: 30/06/2017

Due to the heatwave our Sports Day had been postponed to Monday -The wait was worth it!  All years (including WG6) took part in a range of track and field events. Thankfully, the weather was significantly cooler than the original date, which allowed students to compete at their full potential. All embodied their House’s ethos with enthusiastic support of every event with banners and house colours. 

All competitors put in sterling performances with huge support from the student spectators. The teachers versus the WG6 relay race is always one of the event highlights – WG6 were victorious!  Thank you to all those involved, in every capacity – from the staff organisers and score keepers, to those cheering on the competitors, each of you played a vital role in the success of the day.

A special mention to the record breakers;

  • 7Oak - Chloe  – 800m – 2:48.11
  • 8Beech – Relay Team A – 1:01.72
  • 9Hazel – Holly – 100m – 12.44
  • 10Oak - Marvel - Shot Put  - 11.42

Overall the winning House was Oak!  Congratulations.

The points are allocated as below;

1st           Oak (250 House Points)

2nd          Hazel (200 House Points)

3rd           Ash (150 House Points)

4th           Beech (100 House Points)

5th           Chestnut (50 House Points)







As part of the Y7 & 8 Ecology Project students spent a very exciting lesson pond-dipping in the pond on our nature trail.  A host of pond life including water boatman, pond snails and a variety of larvae were netted and successfully identified using magnifying glasses and dedicated work sheets.  Students were amazed that such a broad variety of creatures could be found in such a small and unassuming area – a valuable and most rewarding lesson!



The Y11 Prom was a very glamorous affair!  The hall was unrecognisable, dressed with ceiling drapes and long tables decorated with blue balloons and white flowers and candle lights.  The whole evening was a wonderfully fitting send off for our students who have worked so hard for their recent exams.

 The PFA very generously provided their time and resource to ensure the evening ran smoothly – thank you very much, the girls really appreciated your efforts.   Thank you to all staff who attended (and took advantage of the photo booth!)





Year 8 Students were set an assignment to locate and identify igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks they found around the school grounds. They then had to research the specific rocks they had discovered.