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Posted on: 26/04/2024

Over the easter break, 54 students travelled with staff to Alpendorf in Austria, for a magical experience!  Students from Years 8-11 enjoyed perfect conditions to get the most out of the opportunity on the slopes and off!  In groups, students from beginners to seasoned skiers worked with instructors to improve their technique, gaining confidence and having (a lot) of fun along the way.  All students were presented with certificates and awards on completion of the course – staff were incredibly impressed with students’ positive approach, tenacity, and capacity for fun!  The team have already started planned their 2025 Ski Trip and will be in touch in due course.


The WG6 12 Mandarin elective students attended a university fair a couple of weeks ago. There were many universities there who have Chinese or Chinese related programmes, including Cambridge University, Durham University, Cardiff University, Leeds University etc. Students found the information very inspiring and useful. 

Year 9 & 10 took part in the Intermediate UKMT Mathematical Challenge in January. Students had one hour to complete 25 multiple choice questions designed to stretch and challenge. Overall, across both year groups, students gained 75 Bronze Certificates, 21 Silver Certificates and one Gold Certificate. Rukaiyah R in Year 9 received the highest score and an invitation to the Grey Kangaroo follow-on round. All the students should be delighted with the effort they put in to completing the challenge. Well done! .Mr Harrison has included a couple of questions to give you a taste of the challenge (answers at the foot of the Blog!)


Our latest House Challenge has been set by our Design and Technology Department which has been briefed out to all students during form time.  I look forward to seeing the student designs.  Deadline for entries is Friday 26th April.


Year 8 students have been studying Ecosystems and Habitat, and in this practical lesson were gathering data on our school grounds to estimate the number of a specific species of plant – in this case, daisies!  Students used quadrats to gain a sample population of the study area to draw conclusions about the total population on our grounds.  This method is widely used by conservationists to monitor the success of organisms in a chosen habitat … and consequently study the ideal habitats for specific animals and plants.


WG6 Year 13 A level Physics students were investigating factors affecting simple harmonic motion using the oscillation of a swinging pendulum. Others were determining frequency and amplitude of a wave using an oscilloscope. Both experiments go towards the Practical Endorsement for the GCE A level. Students are required to demonstrate competence in a variety of skills, apparatus, and techniques which they cover as part of their two year course.


Year 10 Geographers are using Playdoh to help them learn about the formation of coastal landforms. Creating the actual shape in their hands helps our students learn and apply their understanding in a memorable and fun way. 


Our Year 7 Science students’ current topic is burning fuels.  In this practical, Ms Santarossa’s student scientists conducted an experiment to determine the most efficient fuel based on energy produced.  In this case students measured the how much fuel mass they used to increase temperature of the liquid.   They were then able to calculate the energy released per gram of fuel.


PFA Update.  Year 11 Prom tickets are on sale on ParentPay!  Deadline for booking is 17th May.

‘Nearly New’ School Uniform Shop – We have a range of ‘pre-loved’ uniform in excellent condition for sale at very reasonable prices and any donations of surplus school uniform are most gratefully received.  For details & price list or to make a uniform donation, please contact

Forthcoming Dates;

Chinese Cuisine Ambassador visit (Year 8 competition winners) – 3rd May

Bank Holiday – 6th May

Public Exams start – 9th May (finish 26th June)

Year 12 mock exam grades home – 24th May

Last day of Term 5 – 24th May

First day of Term 6 – 3rd June

Year 10 Cyclopark – 4th June

Year 12 UCAS reports home – 5th June

Year 10 Parents’ Evening – 6th June

Year 10 Cyclopark – 6th June

Year 7 end of year exams start – 10th June

Year 8 end of year exams start – 10th June

Year 9 end of year exams start – 10th June

Best wishes,

Michelle Lawson

Head Teacher

*Maths Challenge Answers:

Question 3 - A

Question 20 - D

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